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Our December Annual Dealer Guide on Adult Bikes includes stories about the latest
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Latest Australian Ebike Sales Data Shows Almost 50% Growth

Each year most of the companies that import ebikes into Australia share their sales data on a confidential basis. The figures are...

BikeExchange Looks Set to Float on Stock Exchange

Melbourne based international bicycle online marketplace platform BikeExchange appears to be preparing to float on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX).

Peter Stevens Group to Take Over ABUS Distribution in Australia

On 1st November 2020 Peter Stevens Group which includes PSI Cycling has announced an exclusive distribution deal with ABUS, the German manufacturer of motorcycle locks, bicycle locks and helmets, commencing 1st January 2021.

Ringo’s Direct Gets Its Teeth Stuck In To Wholesale

Australia’s bike trade has a brand new wholesale distributor, Ringo’s Direct.

Trisled Becomes Australian Distributor of TerraTrike and GreenSpeed

One of the many attractive features of Australia’s bike industry is its diversity. There are many niches that are surprisingly large in...

“I Don’t Want Bikes to Become the Next Hand Sanitiser!”

We recently visited Pon.Bike Australia, the only major bicycle wholesaler to be headquartered in Adelaide, SA. Pon’s major bike brands include Focus,...

How’s Business? Christmas 2020

Welcome to our monthly survey of bike shops where we start by simply asking, ‘How’s Business?’ As we anticipated,...

Latest UK Data Shows Huge Scale of Bicycle Market Growth

If Australian dealers are wondering why it’s so hard to get bikes, a new report from the UK gives an indication of...

European Bike Sales Forecast to Grow Dramatically

A new detailed forecast developed by three major European cycling bodies is predicting the European bicycle market to grow by 47% in...

Weldtite partners with Team DSM (Formerly Sunweb) in 2021

Eighty year old British manufacturer Weldtite will be supplying all lubricants and bicycle maintenance products for Team DSM from the 2021 season.

Harley-Davidson Ebike Launch Generates Blaze of Publicity

Famous American motorcycle manufacturer Harley-Davidson has just launched its first production ebike and with it, a whole new brand and company division. 

Latest USA Data Shows Dramatic Inventory Shortage

Bicycle inventories held by USA wholesalers as at September 2020 are less than a quarter of their usual levels, according to charts published in the November edition of Bicycle Retailer and Industry News.

Global Bike Company Results Start to Reflect Covid Bike Boom

As the latest financial reports are being posted by publicly listed bicycle companies, the first effects of the Covid boom are being seen in their sales numbers.

Get Your Business Off to a Flying Start in 2021!

2020 has been a crazy year for the bike industry. Even though sales have increased for many businesses, this has brought with...

Santos Festival of Cycling to Fill TDU Time Slot

As we announced previously here, the 2021 Santos Tour Down Under has been cancelled due to the logistical problems in getting the...

Santos Tour Down Under Cancelled for 2021

On 1st November 2020, the Santos Tour Down Under organisers announced there would be no international event in January 2021. However, there...

Media Personality Osher Gunsberg Joins New Look We Ride Australia Board

Osher Gunsberg is well known as the host of national TV series including Australian Idol, The Bachelor and Bachelorette. He’s also a...

Remarkable Turnaround for Symbolic College Street Bike Path

Five years ago, one of the most heavily used protected bicycle paths in Australia that had been built at a cost of...

New Australian Museum of MTB Would Love Dealer Input

Willunga is a small South Australian town 47 km south of Adelaide. From a cycling perspective, it’s most famous for being nestled...
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Alchemy Cycle Trader Branches Out From its Used Bike Roots

As every bicycle dealer knows, supply of new bikes is tight right now, it’s possibly going to get even tighter during 2021.

Here’s a Great Way to Gain a Competitive Advantage for your Store

- Sponsored Content - Many leading bicycle retailers have been running a computerised POS (point of sale system)...

Drive More Customers To Your Shop With Podium

- Sponsored Content - In today’s hyper-digital world, having an online presence is key to a business’s success....

Three Retailers Share Why They Offer Consumer Finance

- Sponsored Content - Should you be offering consumer credit in your store, and if so, through which...


If You Read Nothing Else, Read This! My Predictions for 2021 Bike Supply

"If you're a bike shop without bikes you're like a pub with no beer."

Is It Fair We’ve Virtually Legislated the Necessity to Own a Car?

By Christian Haag* Decades of transport planning policy that has given the car unchallenged primacy of place has proved...

Let’s Seize This Golden Opportunity!

Clearly we’ve seen a global tragedy unfold over the first half of 2020. At the time of writing this (23rd July 2020)...

Increased Global Bicycle Demand Could Mean Re-Stocking Delays for Australia

It’s becoming apparent to me that the Covid-19 related bike boom will have two distinct phases and that the second phase will...

Equipping Your Customers for Their Next Adventure

In last month’s blog, we heard from two local retailers about their identification of the need to equip local cyclists for new...

Two Dealers See Opportunities Ahead for Bicycle Tourism

By Anna Gurnhill This month I spoke with two local bike retailers about their perspectives on bicycle tourism, and...

Customers Who Stay Longer in Your Shop Spend More!

How do you create a welcoming space where cyclists, including bicycle tourists, will visit more frequently, stay longer and spend more?

Three Simple Ways to Attract More Bicycle Tourists to Your Business

Those elusive bicycle tourists – Who are they? Where are they coming from? How do they hear about you and support your...


EcoCaddy Creates New Markets

EcoCaddy is certainly not a traditional bicycle business. But at merely four...

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