How’s Business – March 2022

Ivanhoe Cycles Megastore at Heidelberg, Vic

Wollongong, NSW Welcome to our monthly chat with bicycle shop owners and managers from across Australia and New Zealand. One universal theme in their comments is that stock shortages are still impacting their businesses and most feel that the light at the end of the tunnel, whilst visible now, is a long way down the…

Signs of the Times

Cycle Station is a large bike shop in Albury, NSW right on the border with Victoria. This region was particularly badly disrupted during the long border closure, on top of all the other state-wide covid disruptions, so the irony of this large sign facing one of Albury’s busiest roads would not go unappreciated by the locals.

Victoria and NSW Over the Christmas break, my wife and I enjoyed a three week holiday, travelling around NSW and Victoria. Unable to resist visiting at least a few bike shops, I noticed a few interesting signs of the times. Here’s a sample.