Way back in 1996 when I created the first Bicycling YearBook, I had no idea how quickly this annual trade directory would be embraced by Australian bicycle retailers. After selling the Bicycling Australia group, which included the Bicycling Yearbook, to Yaffa Media in 2014, they have continued publishing the YearBook every year until 2019, but recently announced that they would not be continuing in 2020. 

This led me to research the obvious question, ‘Is there still a place for a printed trade directory in our age of the internet?’ I queried both retailers and wholesalers and their answer was a definite ‘Yes!’.   Only today when I was visiting another bike shop, asking what they thought of the YearBook, they pulled a grease marked, dog eared copy out from beneath the counter and said, ‘We use it just about every day’.

Whilst traditional newspapers and magazines have struggled over recent years, the YearBook is ‘push advertising’ for suppliers to bicycle stores that is clearly still an effective use of the print medium. You only have to look at the number of catalogues in your letterbox each week to see evidence of this.  But the YearBook is far more than just a catalogue. With its proven four way cross referenced index system, it’s a highly effective sourcing guide for retailers looking to find the supplier of a particular brand or product type in an era where bikes are more complex than ever and the range of specialist parts wider still.

I’ve heard other retailer feedback like, “Our guys are still using it every week.” “I would gladly pay for the YearBook.” “I still find it a valuable resource.”  So, with this feedback in mind, I’ve decided to publish the The Latz Report YearBook 2020 which I hope will be the first of a long annual series. 

Retailers won’t have to pay for their copies. It will be posted to all Australian bicycle trade members free of charge.

New YearBook Listing

Download the 2020 YearBook - New Business Listing Form

Update your YearBook Listing today!

For trade customers who have listed in the 2019 YearBook, you will have received an email with instructions on how to update your listing for 2020. If you have not received this email, or you want to list a New Business for the first time, please use the Contact Us button to send us a message.

Announcing our New Online Edition! Two for the Price of One

To ‘future proof’ your investment as an advertiser in The Latz Report YearBook 2020, all advertisers in the print edition will also appear in our new online edition at no extra cost.
This will be in a ‘flipbook’ format (also known as an ‘e-zine’). It will be embedded into a new page within our website.

We’ll be using a leading software system that allows readers to zoom, scroll, jump to any page plus a range of other features. The Latz Report YearBook 2020 Online Edition will allow bicycle trade members to access the YearBook anywhere, any time on any device.

In addition to having a ‘YearBook’ menu option at the top of our homepage, we will add a prominent image of the YearBook’s front cover in the right hand column of the home page. This image will be a clickable link, so site visitors will have two prominent easy ways to access The Latz Report YearBook 2020 Online Edition. Best of all, we’ll be providing both print and online editions at no additional cost to advertisers… two for the price of one!

Please Update Your Listing Now!

Every supplier will receive a standard listing in The Latz Report YearBook 2020 free of charge. Please check that your listing is up to date and note that some product categories have been renamed, merged or added. We’ve also added fields for you to list your Facebook and Instagram handles, so just about everyone will need to update their listings.

Contact Us immediately if you have not received your listing update in your email inbox.


The Latz Report YearBook will be mailed free of charge to every bicycle trade business throughout Australia. This includes all retailers ranging from the largest city stores to the smallest ‘cycle & sports’ style country stores, wholesalers, manufacturers, mechanical service providers, cycle tour operators and all other niche bicycle businesses.

If you need assistance with artwork, please contact Tim Nightingale.  Tim was a graphic artist at Bicycling Australia for six years with extensive experience creating ads for bicycle industry clients and producing previous YearBooks.

Upgrade Your Listing

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