Shoes and Pedals

Our June Annual Feature on Shoes and Pedals includes stories about
the latest products in the Australian market

- Released 29th May 2020 -

Shoes and Pedals – The Perfect Upsell to Boost Your Profits

Once upon a time, clip in style cycling shoes and pedals were expensive and only for ‘hard core’ roadies and mountain bikers. Road shoes are still a relatively small market. Their totally rigid soles and big cleats that make you waddle and clip clop like a tap dancing penguin will ensure that they stay niche unless there’s a radical design change. But ‘mountain bike shoes’ have gone mainstream. We’ve put the term in inverted commas because, just like there are more ‘mountain bikes’ sold for general, on road and path use...

Indoor Trainers & Software

Our April Annual Feature on Indoor Trainers and Software includes stories about
the latest products in the Australian Indoor Trainer market

- Released 24th April 2020 -

Indoor Training’s Revolution

It feels a little surreal to be writing an annual feature about a product that you currently can’t sell because, to the best of our knowledge, all wholesale stock in Australia has been sold out. With the onset of the Coronavirus, indoor trainers were right up there with toilet paper as one first things to see a spike in demand. But unlike toilet paper, which was an irrational, panic response, consumers had very good, rational reasons for grabbing an indoor trainer while they could. With restrictions on competitive...

Why Dealers Are Loving JetBlack’s New Volt

- Sponsored Content - JetBlack Cycling one of a very select group of Australian based companies that is...

Next Month… Shoes & Pedals

Next months edition of The Latz Report - Annual Features section, will include the latest products and feature stories about the companies...

Lighting and Cameras

Our April Annual Feature on Lighting and Cameras includes stories about the latest products
and the leading companies in the Australian Ebike market

- Released 27 March 2020 -

Lights, Cameras, Action!

Welcome to our Annual Feature for bicycle lights and cameras. We’ve deliberately timed this for late March as next month, daylight savings ends in those states and territories that adopt it during summer. This is almost like the starter’s flag falling to get the peak lighting sales season underway. Lights It says a lot about human nature that many of our customers go though the summer knowing that their old lights are really due for an upgrade, but it’s not until daylight savings ends and they suddenly find themselves riding home...

Magicshine Offers Massive Lumen Outputs and Great Value

- Sponsored Content - Magicshine was founded in 1999 and has been focused on outdoor lighting areas over...

Six Great Reasons to Sell Serfas Lights in Your Store

- Sponsored Content - Serfas has been represented in Australia for 22 years and counting by TMO...

Lezyne Upgrades Their Popular KTV Lights

- Sponsored Content - Lezyne was founded on March 1st, 2007, by industry icon Micki Kozuschek. Micki already...


Our March Annual Feature on Ebikes includes stories about the latest products
and the leading companies in the Australian Ebike market

- Released 28 February 2020 -

Ebikes: The Next Big Thing Is Here Now

On 25th September 2014 I wrote and published an opinion piece in Bicycling Trade entitled ‘I’m Calling it Right Now!’ In that article I predicted that ebikes would become mainstream globally, including Australia, but that it would take, ‘…another three to five years to really make an impact in Australia.’ With the benefit of hindsight I was out by a few years in predicting the timing. Ebike sales have been growing at about 50% per year here for the past three years. But because they’ve started from such a low base, even an optimist...

Why Dealers Love Australian Designed Dyson Bikes

- Sponsored Content - Naomi Dyson and David Metzke have spent years refining their range of ebikes...

Innovation Keeps Merida at the Cutting Edge

- Sponsored Content - Unlike most brands whose bikes are sourced from third party manufacturers, Merida develops and...

Orbea Rapidly Gains Ground

- Sponsored Content - Spanish brand Orbea may have a century long heritage, but they’ve been at the...
Rev Bikes

Rev-Bikes & Conversion Kits Come With 15 Years of Passion and...

- Sponsored Content - Rev-Bikes Founder Rebecca ‘RevBecca’ Lee started riding ebikes 15 years ago and has been...

Smart Motion Grows With Dealers

- Sponsored Content - Australian brand Smart Motion Electric Bikes has seen amazing growth through building close partnerships...

Sleek, Minimalist… and Electric!

- Sponsored Content - Ebikes may be the hot new growth market for the bicycle industry today, but...