We’re Officially Launching Premium Subscriptions Today!

Last month we announced plans to launch a premium subscription option for The Latz Report monthly newsletter.

Since then we’ve done our set-up work and we’re ready to launch. From July 2024, if you’re a Premium Subscriber, you’ll be receiving your monthly newsletter two weeks earlier than regularly subscribers.

Because I’m attending Eurobike in early July, the July newsletter will come out later in the month than usual, most likely on Friday 19th July, but possibly the following week. That will be the date if you’ve already taken out a premium subscription. For everyone with a standard subscription that date will either be Friday 2nd August or possibly the following week.

Below, I’ll explain the features and benefits of premium subscriptions. Most of this information was included in the previous article, but there have been some updates.

What’s a Premium Subscription and Why Introduce It?

Since founding The Latz Report in 2019 until today, all subscriptions to The Latz Report monthly newsletter have been free of charge.

Our sole source of revenue has been advertising sales. These have proved insufficient to maintain a dedicated Australian and NZ bicycle trade news service to the standard that I consider our industry deserves.

Virtually all online media faces this dilemma and the “blunt instrument” solution is to put both websites and newsletters behind a “hard paywall”. That means that you can’t read any articles unless you pay a subscription. There are many examples of this, such as Bike Europe in the case of bicycle trade media or in the mainstream media, most Australian daily “papers”, that are now also published online.

The same is true for many international media, especially for business focussed media.

Putting up a hard paywall is a high risk strategy because it reduces the number of people who see a newsletter and website, thereby putting ongoing advertising effectiveness and revenue at risk. A hard paywall may also leave any struggling members of the Australian bicycle industry without access to well-presented, timely, accurate, and unbiased information that contributes toward their profitability.

We’re going to opt for a softer option, which is known in the media as a “soft paywall”.

Premium subscriptions are open to all current The Latz Report newsletter subscribers. You can a retailer, wholesaler or any other business type.

In summary, if you become a Premium Subscriber, you’ll receive the following benefits:

  1. You’ll receive the monthly Latz Report Newsletter two weeks earlier than standard subscribers.
  2. You’ll receive a range of acknowledgements depending upon your level of premium subscription.
  3. You’ll receive a discount on all advertising, depending on your level of premium subscription.

Three Levels of Premium Subscriptions

BronzeRecommended for Small Businesses1-3 staff
SilverRecommended for Medium Businesses4-10 staff
GoldRecommended for Large Businesses11 staff and over

What You Get

All Premium Subscribers

  • All monthly The Latz Report newsletters sent two weeks earlier than non-paid subscribers
  • Individual subscriptions for all your staff or commission agents that you nominate, up to the top number designated for each level
  • Occasional exclusive content and offers for Premium Subscribers only
  • Your investment is a tax deductible business expense as a business journal subscription. Because of our subscriber acknowledgment you could choose to put it under your advertising expense line. (Disclaimer: This is not financial advice, always seek the advice of an appropriately qualified professional.)

Additional Benefits for Gold Premium Subscribers

  • Gold level acknowledgement in our new subscriber thanks page on The Latz Report website.
  • A top tier tile acknowledging your subscription to be published in The Latz Report YearBook – both print and online editions
  • 10% discount off any advertising across everything we offer across The Latz Report and Micromobility Report including both YearBooks.

Additional Benefits for Silver Premium Subscribers

  • Silver level acknowledgement in the subscriber thanks page on The Latz Report website.
  • A second tier tile acknowledging your subscription, to be published in The Latz Report YearBook
  • 5% discount off any advertising across everything we offer across The Latz Report and Micromobility Report including both YearBooks.

Additional Benefits for Bronze Premium Subscribers

  • Bronze level acknowledgement in our subscriber thanks page on The Latz Report website
  • A listing acknowledging your support in The Latz Report YearBook


All of these prices include GST.

Bronze$9 per month, paid monthly
Silver$28 per month, paid monthly
Gold$55 per month, paid monthly

Which Level is Right For You?

This is how we are designing our Premium Subscription offers to suit everyone.

BronzeSmall wholesalers and most retailers
SilverMid-sized wholesalers and some larger retailers
GoldLarger wholesalers and the very largest few retailers

All payments and updates are via the Patreon platform which is a well-established global memberships and payments platform used by thousands of organisations. You can pay via credit card, Apple Pay or Pay Pal.

Premium subscriptions are open now. Please visit this link to take out your premium subscription.

We’re always open to your feedback, either in the comments section below or you can contact us directly via phone or email.

Thanks very much for your support!

Phil Latz

Phil Latz portrait
Sponsor acknowledgement mock up page
This is an example of how the acknowledgement page in the print and online editions of The Latz Report Yearbook would look. None of these companies have signed up because details have not yet been finalised and no premium subscriptions are as yet available.

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