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Clothing, Helmets, Eyewear,
Bicycle Bags and Protective Gear

Our Annual Guide on Clothing, Helmets, Eyewear, Bicycle Bags and Protective Gear
includes stories on the latest products and brands in the Australian market



The Latz Report YearBook lists any organisation that supplies goods or services to bicycle retailers or interacts with them in some bike industry related way.

For details of cycling clothing, helmets, eyewear, bicycle bags and protective gear distributors in Australia, please follow this link to our Yearbook and use the Search function or Direct to Page option, to find:

  • Bags – Backpacks on page 95
  • Bags – Bikepacking & Other on page 95
  • Bags – Messenger & Other Body Mounted on page 95
  • Bags – Pannier on page 95
  • Bicycle Bags, Cases & Covers on page 96
  • Body Armour on page 99
  • Clothing – Caps on page 101
  • Clothing – Custom on page 102
  • Clothing – Gloves on page 102
  • Clothing – Leisure Wear on page 102
  • Clothing – Overshoes on page 102
  • Clothing – Rainwear on page 103
  • Clothing – Socks on page 103
  • Clothing – Technical Wear on page 103
  • Clothing – Triathlon on page 103
  • Eyewear on page 104
  • Helmets on page 106
  • Reflective Equipment on page 108
  • Safety Products on page 109

Then use the Address list section starting from page 20 to find the direct contact details for each of the distributors listed on the above pages that you would like to contact.