How Home-Grown Brand Cinettica is Gaining a Loyal Following

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As any cyclist will tell you, when it comes to cycling apparel, the holy grail is kit that fits like a second skin – that doesn’t pull, pucker or squeeze in all the wrong places. It’s so comfortable for the duration of your ride that you don’t even feel it. Combine that with a stylish look that makes you look like a million bucks. And if you can get that for a price that doesn’t cost you an arm and a (well-toned) leg – you’ve hit the jackpot. 

John Tsekouras, of cycling apparel brand Cinettica, believes he offers just that. The Latz Report spoke to John about how Cinettica, until now the quiet achiever in custom cycling apparel, is gaining a growing band of loyal followers.

Custom cycling kit is becoming a crowded market – and it can also be difficult to navigate. But even in a competitive market, John believes that Cinettica offers something that other brands don’t – a unique blend of quality that’s second to none, a boutique, customised product, reasonable prices, reliable delivery and, most importantly, a smooth and easy process.

As John explained, “Custom clothing can be a minefield and the scene is littered with stories of broken promises, ill-fitting kit, and poor quality at outrageous prices. I wanted to be the opposite of that – to simplify the process, guide customers to the best possible outcome, and deliver on every promise.”

Cinettica Cycling Clothing

As a result, Cinettica has been building a loyal following of repeat customers and its reputation is spreading in the cycling community. “I can’t tell you how many people have said they were surprised at just how good our kit is, how great the quality is, especially for that price. So many riders have told me our bibs are the most comfortable they’ve ever worn – they get totally converted,” said John.

Cinettica Cycling Clothing
Cinettica Cycling Clothing

John’s approach to delivering a world-class product and customer satisfaction is multi-pronged. It starts with offering clients choice at every level – from fit to fabric and design – and of course, budget.

John summarised the choice Cinettica offers, “Buyers dictate their preference for each component and how much they want to spend. They can access the latest fabric innovations and technologies, choose European or high-quality Asian-made fabrics, and the fit pattern they want. We also offer a free design service and can work with clients to design their kit, or use a design they’ve come up with themselves.”

If there’s one thing anyone who’s worked with John knows, he’s a stickler for detail – because, in his opinion, it’s the details and the finish that mark a premium piece of apparel. “I really do pride myself on getting every little thing right, so it looks perfect and my customers can wear their kit with pride,” explained John.

Cinettica Jersey
Cinettica jersey
Cinettica Jersey
Cinettica jersey

One thing many may not realise is that Cinettica is wholly Australian-owned, a home-grown brand that was created as the premium custom clothing offshoot of Netti, Australia’s oldest cycling apparel brand.

Netti and Cinettica were originally owned by SOLA Sport, where John worked as General Manager for nine years before taking over the brands himself last year. While at SOLA he was also Brand Manager for Bianchi in Australia, and it was during this time that his passion for the cycling industry and addiction to riding developed.

Before working at SOLA John spent 30 years in the ski and outdoor industry, where he honed his skills in design and sourcing across a diverse array of brands and products (including Rossignol, Mambo Ski, Caribee and Black Wolf, to name a few).

The range of products he’s created over the years is impressive – from backpacks, tents and sleeping bags to ski wear and women’s clothing, winning numerous design awards along the way. If there’s one thing John understands, it’s product. And it’s this breadth of experience and design capability that he brings to everything he does at Cinettica.

John’s years in the outdoor and cycling industries gave him a deep knowledge of manufacturing processes, and that plays a big role in how he is able to offer such high-quality apparel at such affordable prices.

Cinettica Knicks

As John said, “Over the years I’ve developed exclusive relationships with high-quality manufacturing facilities, which allows me to deliver products that exceed customer expectations but that still come in at the agreed budget. And as a small boutique brand with low overheads, I’m able to keep my pricing very competitive.”

More than anything, what underpins Cinettica is passion and commitment – to the industry and to riders. “I love to ride and I love the industry, and I share that passion through my designs and by delivering kit that every rider will love,” enthused John. “Nothing makes me happier than a happy customer.”

Interested in exploring the opportunities for your own Cinettica custom clothing? You can contact New Black Consulting Chief Executive Officer John Tsekouras at or by phoning 02 8806 0524. Visit Cinettica at

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