Divine Quality With Riders at its Heart

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Deity is a premium MTB component manufacturer that lives by the creed, “all heart, all passion, and all in”.

The US manufacturer prides itself on being 100% rider owned, operated, designed and funded – so every decision is made by riders, for riders.

Eric Davies, the founder of Deity Components, has turned a life-long dream into a thriving independent mountain bike parts brand but remains true to its origins. Its roots started at the bike shop and its passion for protecting and supporting the IBD is one of the company’s driving forces to this day.

Display of Deity mountain bicycle parts
Deity was created in a US bike store and remains committed to independent bike dealers. Photo credit: Deity.

Deity is also driven by years of experience and proprietary technology, to produce parts with a focus on strength, function, and attention to detail. The additional steps it takes in its manufacturing process can be seen in every detail of each product, as Deity develops its own standards for excellence.

Not only has the company developed its own technology, testing standards and procedures, Deity has also devised a proprietary heat treatment process.

The fruits of that technology, process and attention to details is then refined and put on display by some of the world’s leading competitors.

Deity has assembled some of the world’s most influential teams, riders and dirt heroes, who have helped to ensure the company’s retail sales continue to remain above peak Covid levels.

Ride Concepts Tallac flat shoe
The Ride Concepts Tallac flat shoes integrates advanced off-road footwear technology with bike-specific performance, including supportive pedal contact areas constructed with MAX GRIP rubber for confident connections with the pedal. Photo credit: Ride Concepts.

Ride Concepts

Ride Concepts is another ‘rider designed, rider owned’ company driven by its commitment to fit, function, and style.

At its heart are riders challenging the boundaries of mountain biking, bound together by their love of dirt and speed. They are committed to building a community founded on the ideas that no matter how someone rides, there is a Ride Concepts product to suit them, and everyone deserves the right fit and best quality.

Ride Concepts has developed an entire range from the ground up, with specific construction for men, women, and a comprehensive range of products for youth for customised performance.

This all adds up to a precision fit, unparalleled pedal contact, and unmatched protection – allowing riders to focus on the shred ahead, rather than the gear below.

Nothing is more critical to that peace of mind than solid shoe construction – providing a stable and reliable first line of contact with the bike.

Carolyn Buchanan on BMX bike
Eight-time world BMX and mountain bike champion Caroline Buchanan is among the world-class athletes putting Ride Concepts products through their paces. Photo credit: Ride Concepts.

Ride Concepts focuses on toe and heel protection, with custom moulded and anti-abrasion designs, Welded seams, D30 protection, Boa closure systems, and a Codura high-performance durable fabric that is lightweight and breathable.

There has been a very large focus on delivering the entire range of Ride Concept products to the Australian market. In addition, the pricing structure was recently reviewed, leading to a price rewind across the board to make Ride Concept products more accessible to more riders.

The brand has a strong profile in this country, with some of Australia’s fastest athletes proudly winning with Ride Concepts products, including global BMX and mountain biking star Caroline Buchanan, Australian downhill champion Ellie Smith, and current Under 21 Enduro World Series leader Sascha Kim.

For more information about Deity and Ride Concept, contact Lusty Industries at www.lustyindustries.com, sales@lustyindustries.com or (02) 4962 3511.

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