Crankbrothers Finds Perfect MATCH for Shoes and Pedals

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Let’s chat about Crankbrothers.

From humble beginnings in a Laguna Beach garage, Crankbrothers has grown into a globally recognised and leading brand of pedals, wheels, dropper posts, pumps, tools and accessories.

That growth has been underpinned by a very large focus on delivering quality products at affordable prices, especially after it recently reviewed its entire range and rewound retail prices across the board in the Australian market.

At the same time, their performance and durability have ensured Crankbrothers remains a winning choice for a claimed 90% of downhill riders and teams on the World Cup. In fact, its Mallet DH pedals have been ridden to 10 consecutive Elite World Championship victories.

Info graphic showing shoe system
The development of shoes and pedals in unison has enabled Crankbrothers to create its MATCH system.

Shoes have become a focus for Crankbrothers, to accompany its world-class pedals, tools, pumps and accessories. Secure contact with pedals is crucial to rider control and confidence, and Crankbrothers set out to develop its shoes and pedals in combination to achieve its perfect ‘MATCH’.

Its MATCH system is the sum of a myriad of design choices, ranging from rubber compound and tread pattern, to cleat box design and much more, to engineer the optimal interface between pedal and shoe.

Crankbrothers produces a full line-up of both clip-in and flat pedal shoes, all constructed from materials, technology and designs honed on the trails to withstand the particular rigours of riding and maximise rider experience.

Close up for clip on bike shoe on pedal
The Mallet is company’s clip-in option.

As part of that fit-for-purpose philosophy, all three Crankbrothers shoe lines – Mallet and Mallet E for clips and the Stamp flat shoe option – provide further flexibility for rider preference by offering the choice of three different closure systems – Lace, Speed Lace, and Boa.

Crankbrothers has a simple philosophy in creating mountain bike components that deliver superior function through disruptive design; start with a clean slate and finish with a product that makes each ride better than the last.

Person walking bike with sole of shoe heel raised view
Stamp shoes work perfectly with the Crankbrothers pedals of the same name.

All Crankbrothers products are tested and proven by world-class athletes, including Australian international competitors Troy Brosnan, Sian A’hearn, Baxter Maiwald and Will Ireland. However, they are developed with a goal to improve every rider’s experience.

For more information about Crankbrothers, contact Lusty Industries at, or (02) 4962 3511.

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