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Series One: Personal Development

Start your own journey towards personal and business growth

You’ve probably heard yourself that lottery winners often go broke. Why? The answers relate to their self worth, self perception, not listening to wise advice or having people in their circle who can give such advice. That’s why I’ve made Personal Growth the first of the 12 series that I’ve planned that will cover almost every aspect of running your own business.

It’s hard to successfully create, own and run your own business! I understand the challenges you face, because I’ve been in business myself for over three decades. 

Leading business authors understand that for a business to thrive, the owner needs to first work upon themselves. Rich Dad Poor Dad author Robert Kyosaki says, “It all starts with mindset.” Stephen Covey, author of The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People says, “Personal victory comes before the public victory.” And John Maxwell, author of The Winning Attitude says, “Your attitude determines your altitude.” You can start your own journey to personal and business growth right now by watching my video.

Series Two: Maximising Your Profit

Start your own journey towards personal and business growth

I’ve yet to meet a truly successful businessperson who at the doesn’t have a good feel for the numbers that drive their business. Even if there’s room for improvement in how they measure, record and use those numbers.

In this series we’re going to start with understanding the basics of financial statements, then move on to key performance indicators.

Then I’ll explain some of my favourite business sayings including: ‘Turnover is vanity, profit is sanity and cash is king.’ And.. ‘What gets measured gets improved.’

Next we’ll look at how to put your profit first, followed by five ways to increase your profitability.

Then we’ll dig into a huge profit killer, discounting and the true cost of discounting.

We’ll round of the series with six steps to massive results, how to begin with the end in mind and finally, understanding how to make debt your servant and not your master.

Series 13: Business Leader Interviews

Our interview series digs deeper into the mindset of business leaders

A series of interviews with business managers and leaders. 

Series 13: Business Leader Interviews