Schwalbe Launches Five Super MTB Tyre Ranges

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Recognising that the world of mountain biking has become more diverse, Schwalbe have rebuilt their entire MTB tyre range to more closely focus upon the specific requirements of each riding style.

Schwalbe has simultaneously released five new ranges all with a superhero theme. In order from heaviest to lightest they are: Super Downhill, Super Gravity, Super Trail, Super Ground and Super Race.

Every tyre in the range has an entirely new casing design that’s optimised for its intended use.

Within each of the five ranges, there are multiple models available including the popular Nobby Nic with new aggressive tread and the return of Big Betty. In total there are dozens of different models and sizes in the range. Space does not permit us to list every one of them, so we’ll take a look at cross-sections of the three casing designs which highlight the significant variations between each range.

Schwalbe Super Downhill

Schwalbe’s Super Downhill features six carcass layers in the centre to protect the tread even at very low pressures.

There are four side wall layers, Snake Skin to protect the tyre from cuts, two Apex layers to stabilise the sidewall and give further puncture protection and finally a Chafer layer to protect the rim/tyre contact area.

Schwalbe Super Trail

By contrast, the lighter weight Super Trail range has three carcass layers, one Snake Skin layer, one Apex layer and the Chafer layer. This allows the tyre to combine moderate weight with reduced rolling resistance, high cornering traction and puncture protection.

Schwalbe Super Race

At the lightweight end of the spectrum, the Super Race is designed for lightweight cross country racing. It features two polyamide carcass layers under the tread and three at the sidewalls, a narrow Raceguard puncture protection strip under the centreline of the tread and the Chafer layer.

Schwalbe’s new range all feature transparent sidewall designs and are all ‘Tubeless Easy’.

Schwalbe is exclusively distributed in Australia by BikeBox. For more information call (03) 9555 5800 or visit

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