Six Tips to Make Your Customers Want to Spend More Time in Your Store

You may not have heard of the term ‘Third Place’. The First Place is your home, the Second Place is your regular work place, be that an office, factory, delivery vehicle or whatever.

Third Place is a relatively new buzzword that refers to places that people like to spend time in.

The longer people spend in a place, the more money they spend there, including bike shops. So why not turn your bike shop into a Third Place?

Retail design expert Randal Huntington recently recorded a great video about six tips to creating a Third Place. Randal is co-founder of Project Duo, starting in his home country of Australia before moving to the USA to drive global expansion of his business.

Using the example of a flagship Starbucks store in Seattle, Washington, USA, he gives six tips that you can apply to turn your bike shop into somewhere that your customers will like to spend more time in because they feel comfortable and relaxed.

  1. Use large graphics. They generate positive emotion. This includes things like inspiring images of people cycling.
  2. Use TV’s playing the sort of programs that you’re ideal customers relate to. For example if you’re a high end road store, play some Euro-race videos.
  3. Create a nice sitting area where customers will not feel rushed. Have some magazines on a coffee table.
  4. Have a connection point, for example a staff bike pick of the week that’s on special display. Some customers will ask, ‘Why is this bike staff pick of the week?’ which creates engagement and opportunity for discussion.
  5. Create a story. If you’ve got a new product then create a display that tells the story around it.
  6. Scent is important. You can scent your shop with outdoor scents which connect customers with where they like to ride.

If you’d like to watch Randal’s video, then follow this link.

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