OKGO Takes Digitisation Further

Taipei, Taiwan

Taiwanese manufacturer OKGO is continuing the progression of e-bikes towards integration and digitalisation, with its carbon-framed Smart E-Bike unveiled at Taipei Cycle.

With a futuristic monocoque carbon frame that hints at the technology contained within, the urban e-bike has a handlebar-integrated Smart Bike Display that receives voice commands, can use fingerprint scans to unlock the bike’s drive system and provides alerts of vehicles approaching from behind.

Vehicles are detected by a rear-facing radar module integrated with the seat post, and alerts are delivered by symbols on the Smart Bike Display or vibrations in the handlebar grips.

The display also provides the usual information such current speed, distance travelled, navigational prompts, electric assist mode and battery charge level.

Internet 4G connection enables the Smart E-Bike to receive firmware updates, while the owner can remotely authorise other people to use the bike, or monitor the bike if it is being used as a fleet vehicle.

Garmin Rear-View Radar for E-Bikes

Garmin recently released its first rear-view radar designed specifically for e-bikes, the Varia eRTL615.

When a vehicle approaches from behind, the Varia provides visual and audio alerts if paired with certain Garmin devices or a smartphone with the Varia app.

The eRTL615 also incorporates a taillight that changes its flashing pattern when an approaching vehicle is detected.

The device has no battery, and instead plugs directly into the e-bike.

New Vulcanisation for Corsa PRO Tyre

Vittoria’s new Corsa PRO clincher, unveiled this month, is manufactured using what the Italian company calls “electrical vulcanisation” to seamlessly attach the tread to the tyre’s cotton casing.

Traditional vulcanisation uses hot gases to bond the tread to a nylon case.

Vittoria claims the Corsa Pro offers better ride feel and rolling speed because electrical vulcanisation is more precise and, unlike the use of gases, does not cause the rubber tread to harden. It also claims high-thread count cotton cases can be lighter and more flexible compared to canvas cases – and the new tread-to-case bonding method further improves tyre suppleness, brings weight savings and enhances puncture resistance.

Vittoria's Air-Liner MTB tyre inserts.
Vittoria’s Air-Liner Light. Photo credit: Vittoria.

Improved Air-Liner

At the end of April, Vittoria released its new Air-Liner Light insert for MTB tubeless tyres for cross country, down country and trail riding.

Expanding upon its Air-Liner MTB tyre inserts, Vittoria claims the Light version goes beyond enhanced puncture resistance and boosts tyre stability, rolling speed and extreme shock absorption. It says the foam inserts’ progressive compression helps prevent ‘snake bite’ punctures from heavy impacts with rim walls and give the tyre a ‘run flat’ characteristic.

Each Air-Liner Light is a single 55-gram foam loop that is compatible with 29-inch wheels with rim channels between 25 and 30 millimetres.

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