VanMoof Hyperbike Accelerates Debate on Top Speeds

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Dutch e-bike manufacturer VanMoof has weighed into the debate on assisted maximum speeds, with the unveiling of its first high-speed “hyperbike”.

VanMoof announced the VanMoof V will be capable of speeds up to 50 km/h and would be “optimised for long commutes”.

It will feature two-wheel drive, front and rear suspension, thicker tires and a new frame design.

“The bike’s dual motors will provide more powerful acceleration, while intelligent motor control will enhance traction for safety and performance,” according to a statement from VanMoof.

“I believe this new type of high-speed e-bike can fully replace scooters and cars in the city by 2025,” VanMoof co-founder Ties Carlier said.

He called on lawmakers and city governments to “urgently update e-bike regulations to advance the further adoption of this category”.

“During the development of the VanMoof V, VanMoof intends to work with city governments to explore solutions from geofencing to revised speed regulations,” he said.

The VanMoof statement says “to truly reverse the car-first mentality, cities need to modernise policies to open up our cities to a more sustainable future”.

VanMoof V hyperbike
VanMoof V ‘hyperbike’

Record Capital Raised by VanMoof

The VanMoof V’s unveiling came after the company raised US$128 million (A$172 million) in investment in a funding round led by Asia-based private equity firm Hillhouse Investment.

“This is the largest ever Series C investment for a European e-bike brand and brings VanMoof’s total raised to $182 million (A$242 million) in less than two years, making it the most funded e-bike company in the world,” according to a release from VanMoof.

“The funding will be used to both expand production and reinvent the way in which hardware and software components are made, and make its high-quality, high-tech e-bikes more accessible to consumers.”

VanMoof has grown its retail and service operations from eight to 50 locations worldwide during the past year, with sales of its e-bikes more than tripling in 2020.

A GLOBAL e-bike Market Forecasts 2028 report released in April predicted the international e-bike market will be worth around $US$48 billion by 2028 (A$64 billion), double the value it was predicted to reach before COVID-19.

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