Pre-order your free* 2021 Print YearBook

*If your business is a current subscriber to the Latz Report newsletter and are either an Australian bicycle retail store, or a supplier to the Australian bicycle trade, you can pre-order a free copy of the 2021 YearBook in print (only one free copy per business will be sent, even if that business has multiple staff subscribers).  Advertisers in the 2020 or 2021 YearBook will receive a second complimentary copy of the 2021 YearBook.

Use the form below to make sure we have your correct details to post it to you. Expected release date May 2021.

If you’re interested in purchasing additional copies for your workshop or office, or would like to purchase a copy for your non-bicycle industry business, it would be helpful for our production planning to know how many copies you need (this form is an indication, not a commitment). 

We will be in touch with you closer to the release date in May 2021, to confirm if you would still like to order and pay for any additional copies you require.

Retailer YearBook Order

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  • Use this section if you need to order additional YearBooks for your store (in addition to your free copy), or to order your first copy of the YearBook if you do not qualify for a free one above. This is a pre-order request and you will be contacted prior to the release date, to confirm and pay for your order.
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