The Bike Collective Introduces Brooklyn to Australia

Adelaide, South Australia

Prominent US urban bike brand Brooklyn Bicycle Co is partnering with Adelaide-based distributor The Bike Collective to introduce the brand to Australia.

The two companies announced The Bike Collective would offer Brooklyn’s most popular models and will start shipping to Australian retailers in late February.

Pre-orders are available for each of the models destined for Australia, including:

  • Bedford 8 Speed: Diamond-frame around town bike
  • Franklin 8 Speed: Utilitarian step-through frame with color matched fenders and chain guard
  • Lorimer & Roebling: Wide-gearing-range, butted chromoly frame hybrids
  • Brighton 7: Classic step-through cruiser bike
Brooklyn Bicycle Co.’s Franklin 7 Cardinal
Brooklyn Bicycle Co.’s Franklin 7 Cardinal. Photo: Brooklyn Bicycle Co

“We consistently receive inquiries regarding the availability of our bikes in the Australian market,” Brooklyn Bicycle Co. president Ryan Zagata said.

“This partnership presents a tremendous opportunity at the right time in our growth trajectory.

“We have built and battle-tested our brand in North America and global distribution is a large part of our long-term growth strategy.

“The Bike Collective understands this segment of the market and will represent our brand well in Australia.”

Brooklyn Bicycle Co. was established in 2011 and aims to “mirror the iconic qualities of Brooklyn itself – accessibility, durability, and original style”.

The Bike Collective director Sam Neeft said his company’s “focus on providing, durable, quality urban bicycles for everyday use at an accessible price point runs true to the ethos of Brooklyn’s brand”.

“With the continued growth of alternative transportation modes in Australia and Brooklyn’s strong reputation, the bikes are sure to be in high demand here in Australia,” he said.

Sam, a long-time bike store owner, started the Bike Collective last year in conjunction with fellow cycling enthusiast Ben Trussell.

The distribution company was established with an ethos to focus on brands that have had limited prior exposure in the Australian market, particularly bicycles and accessories designed for urban cycling and lifestyle.

Since its launch, The Bicycle Collective has been the distributor for tokyobike, a small, independent company founded in 2002 in the quiet Tokyo suburb of Yanaka.

Its models have a simple elegance Sam describes as “typically Japanese”.

tokyobike had been in Australia since 2011, with stores in Sydney and Melbourne, but closed its Australian operations during COVID because of lack of supply.

Sam said Brooklyn and tokyobike will sit well alongside each other in The Bike Collective range.

“Brooklyn bikes will suit the majority of stores, particularly the family and suburban stores, with a range of gearing options starting at $749,” he said.

“tokyobike models are around the $1,000 mark and are suited to a more bespoke-style store, such as a high-end road bike store that also carries some commuters.”

The Bike Collective’s first shipment of Brooklyn bikes arrived last week and a delivery from tokyobike is also due to arrive this month.

Sam said the company is looking at some additional brands to introduce in the near future.

For more information on dealer opportunities, visit The Bike Collective’s website.

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