Pre-Order Your 2022 YearBook

Wollongong, NSW

We have begun updating the YearBook for the latest companies, products and brands in the industry and expect to release the 2022 Latz Report Yearbook in late April.

The YearBook is a four-way, cross-referenced system that allows a reader to find the details of the companies who stock a particular product line, or a brand that they are looking for.

One copy of The Latz Report YearBook is distributed for free to all Australian based companies who supply goods or services to the Australian and New Zealand bicycle industry as well as bicycle store retailers.

To make sure you receive your 2022 YearBook when it is ready to distribute, make sure we have your latest postal address so we can pop one in the mail for you. If you received a 2021 YearBook and have not changed your address, you do not need to do anything – we will send you a new 2022 YearBook to the same address.

To pre-order your YearBook, complete the form below. Pre-orders close on Thursday 31st March 2022.

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