New Michelin Releases Celebrate Shared Pedigree

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A new generation of Michelin tyres is officially tipping its hat to the technology crossovers between its high-performance bicycle and motorcycle tyres.

The company’s top-end road cycling tyres are getting an update and name change in 2022, from Power Road to Power Cup, bringing them in line with Michelin’s race-bred motorcycle tyres.

“The Power Cup motorcycle tyres have been around for a while and have a lot of the same technology as the bike road tyres, so Michelin decided they should also have the same name,” according to Matthew Stecher from Bikecorp, which distributes Michelin in Australia.

The 2022 incarnations have been developed with testing input for the Cofidis UCI World Tour team, to maximise grip and reliability in a wide range of conditions.

They will be available with tan walls, as well as the traditional black alternative, and a range of widths from 23mm to 28mm.

Next year’s range retains the Power Gravel, Power Time Trial and two versions of the Power Cyclocross – the Jet and Mud.

Michelin has enjoyed a long reign as one of the world’s most recognisable and trusted tyre brands. Its swift move to develop tubeless road tyres continued the company’s status as an innovator and a manufacturer of some of the world’s best performance tyres.

Its range now includes tubeless-ready options across road, cyclocross, and gravel tyres developed with French passion for cycling.

Bikecorp offers industry-leading options for each component vital to supreme bike handling: high-quality wheels, top performance tyres and the technology to keep them at the right pressures.

Alongside Michelin tyres and accessories, Bikecorp also distributes Profile Design wheels and Orange Seal among its vast list of brands.

Michelin Power Cup Road Tyres
Michelin’s 2022 Power range includes the new Power Cup road tyres, Power Gravel, Power Time Trial and two versions of the Power Cyclocross – the Jet and Mud.

Profile Design

The Profile Design brand became synonymous with triathlon and time trials during the 1980s and ‘90s, largely because of its game-changing aerobars and accompanying accessories such as aerodynamic hydration systems.

However, in its quest for aero and speed, Profile quickly diversified into wheels and treated its devotees to high-quality, drag-cheating deep rims.

While many capable competitors have entered this market, Profile has made the most of its head start and continues to evolve its designs to deliver cost-effective wheels that are strong, lightweight and responsive.

It has designed, tested and revised hundreds of rim shapes to identify nuances that affect crosswind feedback and handling. The company partnered with a team of technicians specialising in computational fluid dynamics (CFD) – from golf equipment to race cars – and merged their expansive CFD knowledge with Profile’s aerodynamic expertise. Manipulating width, depth and conicity, the partnership sorted through months of data to select the highest performing rim profiles

Profile is equally thorough with its manufacturing processes.

Each rim is constructed with a combination of a semi-automated lay-up on the brake-track and tyre bed and a hand lay-up on the rim contours. This eliminates issues with carbon wheel heat build-up and creates a composite structure that is stiffer and more impact resistant.

Braking performance is further enhanced by Profile’s proprietary high Tg resin, which has a grass transition temperature at least 30% higher than other ‘high’ TG resins. The result is a rim that can withstand more heat so braking performance is maintained.

Profile wheels are then assembled by hand, using Sapim CX-Ray spokes and precision machined alloy hubs with sealed bearings.

The latest range is clincher tubeless-ready and comes in three rim depth options – 38F/38R, 50F/50R, 50F/65R – to enable aero enthusiasts to choose a combination just right for their needs.

Or they can step up to Profile’s new disc wheel with a centrelock disc brake, Shimano HG freehub and the option for SRAM XDR.

Profile Design wheels are developed and tested on California’s Glendora Mountain Road, between the San Bernardino and Los Angeles counties – a fusion of two US cycling icons.

Profile design bicycle tyres
Profile Design’s latest range is clincher tubeless-ready and comes in three rim depth options – 38F/38R, 50F/50R, 50F/65R.

Orange Seal

Orange Seal sealants are highly effective in plugging small and larger holes – and they can do it for longer than rival brands.

The latex-based tyre sealant coats the inside of the tyre more quickly and evenly than other sealant brands and includes particles of various shapes and sizes to help form a barrier when the tyre is damaged. The interlocking ‘nanite’ particles provide structure for latex to bond onto and create an airtight seal.

This process works effectively in a wide range of temperatures and altitudes and continues to work for months after the sealant is injected into the tyre.

The Orange Seal range also includes an Endurance formula that lasts even longer – up to three times longer – than the regular version.

Orange Seal is available in many bottle sizes – from a small top-up bottle to a workshop-sized option.

Top-up bottles include an optional injector to enable tyres to be checked and topped up through the valve, without having to pop the bead off the rim. 

Orange Seal
Orange Seal is available in many bottle sizes – from a small top-up bottle to a workshop-sized option – and includes an Endurance formula for even longer-lasting puncture protection.

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