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Tyre inserts are popular with both mountain bike and gravel riders; areas where tubeless tyres have proven superior. After over two years of development, Aussie based start-up Gnarly has launched their own take on tubeless tyre inserts to the market.

Why run inserts? Eliminating the inner tube reduces the chance of pinch-flat punctures and allows riders to run lower tyre pressures for enhanced traction and comfort.

However, lower pressures also increase the risk of rim impact damage, as the tyre is more likely to bottom their tyre on a rock in ‘gnarly’ terrain. Inserts reduce the likelihood of rim damage. Gnarly answers this call but also goes further…

In addition to protecting the rims, Gnarly also adds tyre support with the goal of improving the overall ride quality and resilience of the tubeless system.

Gnarly Rim Protector size options
Three widths are offered to suit various tyre volumes and the narrower grey option also works for 45-50mm gravel tyres.

More sidewall support means reduced tyre squirm, even at low tyre pressures. This in turn prevents air loss through burping under hard cornering.

They’re even said to improve the tyres in-built suspension by adding an element of progressiveness—somewhat like adding tokens to the air chamber on a suspension fork.

Additional benefits include broad compatibility; they’re offered in three widths to suit anything from 45mm gravel tyres through to 3.0 plus-size treads. Each insert can be trimmed to suit any wheel diameter and they’re said to be very easy to fit.

The closed-cell foam won’t absorb sealant and they’re one of the lighter inserts on the market (between 84g and 116g per tyre).

Gnarly will be supported by an array of well-made promotional videos including fitting instructions. Each tyre insert retails for around $109.95 and they’ve got a newly launched website to support the brand:

For wholesale inquiries, get in touch with Echelon Sports on (07) 3457 9999 or email

Gnarly Rim Protector

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