Maxxis – Regaining Momentum

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The supply chain crunch has been a massive headache for the bicycle industry. Once in a lifetime demand has unfortunately been met by shortages in all sectors, including the rubber industry—it’s something that has hit most tyre brands including Maxxis.

Unprecedented demand from bicycle manufacturers and global distributors has left fans of the Maxxis brand in despair. A global squeeze on shipping, raw materials and butyl has forced some price rises, and you can expect this to reflect retail price adjustments of 10-15%.

KWT Imports has been importing Maxxis tyres for over 30 years and are currently ordering for the last quarter of 2023—that’s 700 days away!

According to Eamon Thompson from KWT, ‘reserve ordering’ is the new reality; “We encourage all stores to get their orders in without any obligation; we call these reserve orders.

Two weeks out from a shipment arrival, we communicate the reserve order status. We’re finding it’s the best way to share stock around with all re-sellers in the market.”

Instability may have impacted the supply chain but Maxxis still has some exciting developments afoot. For starters, their popular tan wall tyres are back in stock.

While they initially came in a light tan-coffee colour, market feedback led Maxxis to adopt a darker shade, which should further increase their market appeal. They’re also expanding the tan-wall like-up to encompass a broader range.

Currently, they have the Grifter and Torch BMX tyres; the Rambler, Re-Fuse and Receptor in their gravel range and the Ardent, Rekon, Rekon Race, Ikon, Dissector and the Minion DHF/DHR combo available in tan for the MTB market.

Late in 2022, the High Road tyre will also feature tan walls for the first time, giving the road market a taste of the tan trend.

With mountain bikes getting longer, slacker and more capable on the descents, tyres need to be built tough without compromising their all-round performance. EXO Plus casing is designed to provide security and reliability without the weight penalty of a downhill tubeless tyre.

Based on their EXO casing, Maxxis adds a ‘Silkworm’ layer for bead-to-bead reinforcement as well as 120tpi construction for added flexibility.

Maxxis offers EXO Plus in their 2.6 and 2.8 inch ‘Wide Trail’ sizes, which makes it perfect modern e-MTBs and it’s currently available in their Minion DHF, Dissector, Rekon and Assegai models. Retail pricing ranges from $99.95 to $104.95.

On the road, Maxxis has found their High Road clincher to be very popular and it has recently been improved with new ‘ZK’ puncture protection and 170tpi casing.

This update has stemmed from working with pro teams and promises to make this reliable tyre even faster.

The High Road will also come in a lightweight SL version as well as tubeless ready options all with 170tpi casing. Retail pricing on the High Road is between $79.95 and $99.95.

Discover the entire Maxxis range at KWT Imports and email to find out more about their reserve ordering system.

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