Steadyrack; Revolutionary Aussie Design

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The original Steadyrack was created over a decade ago when founder and CEO David Steadman set out in search of a solution to his bike storage woes. Since then, this family owned and run Perth-based business has grown into global entity, with offices in the United States and a network of distributors around the world.

By harnessing the mechanical leverage of the front wheel, it takes much less effort to roll a bike into a Steadyrack, and because the rack cradles the tyre from underneath, it won’t wear or damage expensive rims. In addition to these core features, the Steadyrack also pivots; this makes it easier to access a bike that’s hung in the middle of a row. The bikes can also be angled towards the wall, making more effective use of your valuable storage space. In 2020 they won the ‘Good Design Award’ and you’ll find their racks used for bike storage by companies such as Specialized, Facebook, Giant, Apple, Scott, SRAM, Google, Enve and many more.

Steadyrack eBike Rack
Catering for everything from fender-equipped eBikes to heavy-duty downhill rigs, the newly released Steadyrack eBike Rack is quite possibly their most versatile offering to date.

From their original design, the Steadyrack has evolved into four variants that are optimised to suit certain applications. To start with there’s the Classic, which is where it all began. The Classic suits wheel sizes from 20 up to 29-inchs and tyre widths up to 2.1. As with most Steadyrack models, it has a maximum weight capacity of 35kg and retails for $99.99. Beyond the Classic, the Mountain Bike variant caters for tyre widths up to 2.8-inch and there’s also the Fat Rack which is designed to handle tyres up to 5-inches wide.

Steadyrack Classic
The Classic is where it all began for this Aussie brand, and it remains a popular and practical model.

One limitation of the aforementioned racks is the incompatibility with front fenders. To cater for the rising popularity of city and commuter bikes, Steadyrack has the Fender Rack. It employs a low profile flexible bridge that slips neatly between the fender and the tyre. While the weight limit on this model is lower (maximum of 25kg), it can still handle a tyre up to 2.4-inches wide and can even cater for time-trial bikes with limited clearance between the tyre and downtube.

Steadyrack Fat Rack
Five-inch wide tyres? No problem for the Steadyrack Fat Rack and it shares all of the easy-to-use features that have made their slightly slimmer models so popular.

While these models have set the scene for a great success story, Steadyrack continues to refine their design and later this year they’ll be releasing an all-new eBike Rack. This model is fender/mudguard compatible with a robust 35kg capacity and the ability to handle tyres up to 2.8-inches wide. This impressive range of features makes the eBike Rack the most versatile model to date. It will handle the weight of an eBike while catering for all styles; from recreational city bikes to commuters, mountain bikes and regular road bikes.

Interested in becoming a Steadyrack dealer? Maybe you want to fit-out your store to maximise your own storage space! In either case, you can contact the Aussie innovator directly on (08) 9435 2435 or browse their range here.

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