Running Ryfe With High Value MTB Accessories

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Ryfe, according to online reference site Urban Dictionary, is an expression of excitement when something is cool or exceptional value.

“From the outset, our objective with Ryfe has been to create an Australian brand that supports the industry by creating value for riders.”

Distributor KWT Imports thought those definitions perfectly summed up the company’s MTB house brand when it launched Ryfe in 2019.

The Sunshine Coast-based company had set out to create a range with eye-catching designs and high performance, while offering exceptional value for retailers and their customers.

“When we decided to create a house brand for KWT we saw the MTB market as an obvious growing audience to target,” KWT CEO Eamon Thompson said.

“From the outset, our objective with Ryfe has been to create an Australian brand that supports the industry by creating value for riders.

Ryfe broke into the grip market with the Bossa and will launch its next generation of Ryfe grips this summer.

“While we knew exactly what we needed to do, coming up with a name that felt right and, more importantly, was relevant was harder than expected.

“The brand needed to connect with its purpose.”

In his search for just the right name, Eamon consulted Urban Dictionary and typed in that purpose – something cool and something of value.

“Ryfe just popped out.”

Ryfe – Adj. (1) An expression used to express feelings of excitement for something deemed relatively cool, sick or dope. (2) Used to describe something of value; how good something is.


Ryfe’s first, and still best known, product was the trusty Composite MTB flat pedal with sealed bearings.

“After experimenting with one factory, we decided on another that ensured their products were SGS tested,” Eamon explained.

Ryfe dropper post
KWT developed its Ryfe dropper post, the Escalator, with a well-known Taiwanese manufacturer. It will soon be complemented by a new Ryfe dropper post scheduled to be unveiled late this year.

“Using higher quality Japanese bearings, 11 removable pins and a composite molded design, the Sasquatch MTB pedal was launched in five colours – black, teal, wasabi yellow, red and orange – and at a very competitive $59.95 RRP.”

The success of Sasquatch prompted the introduction of additional Ryfe pedals, such as the Terminator at $69.95 RRP, Ghost Rider at $79.95 RRP and Dare Devil at $99.95 RRP.

KWT followed them up Ryfe MTB grips in two models, Bossa and Russla, and various colours ($19.95 RRP).

“After running with these models for over three years, we thought it was time to renew the range and quality,” Eamon said.

Research led KWT to a completely different rubber compound better suited for performance MTB and provided by a very well-known manufacturer. That next generation of Ryfe grips will be launched this summer.

At the same time, KWT has also steered Ryfe into the dropper post space, coordinating with a well-known Taiwanese manufacturer.

“We called the model the Escalator and it was very well accepted, with minimal returns,” he explained.

Ryfe travel bag
The Patsy, a value-for-money bike travel bag, is Ryfe’s most recent venture.

The range covers 30.9mm, 31.6mm and 34.9mm diameters in a range of travel options – 125, 150 and 170mm – and all with a RRP of $299.95.

They will soon be complemented by a new dropper lever also being release in summer.
Once KWT had the dropper post range in place, the company broadened its attention to a collection of basic frame protection kits now available in three versions, the Warrior, Hacker and Shredder, at RRPs of $59.95, 99.95 and 119.95 respectively.

Ryfe’s most recent venture was into the travel space, with a value bike travel bag it dubbed the Patsy (RRP) $499.95.

KWT offers a one-year warranty for all Ryfe products and point-of-sales display hooks to assist stores when necessary. The entire Ryfe range can be viewed on the KWT website:

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  1. biketraxcessnock on 24th June 2022 at 11:00 am

    I have stocked Ryfe pedals for a number of years. A perfect upgrade for a new mounto . Great value and good quality.

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