INGRID Components; Style Meets Precision & Functionality

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Born out of Italy, INGRID is a small company that manages to combine unique styling with precision manufacturing to create a range of drivetrain components that really stand out from the crowd.

They’ve been making cassettes and cranks since 2015 and more recently introduced their own rear derailleur, bringing them one step closer to their goal of creating an attractive user-friendly drivetrain alternative.

With mainstream brands currently facing all manner of supply issues – especially with drivetrain components – INGRID provides a great alternative to the top tier cassettes from the two major drivetrain suppliers. Offered in both 11 and 12-speed options, the spacing and shift profiles makes them compatible with both SRAM and Shimano drivetrain systems.

Each cassette is formed from two main parts; the larger two or three cogs are machined from 7075-T6 alloy billet then hard anodised, while the lower half is CNC machined from AISI 9840 chrome-moly steel which is NIP treated for high wear resistance.

Ingrid cassette
With its two-piece construction, individual parts of the Ingrid cassette can be replaced to compensate for uneven wear.

Each half is available separately, so unlike most other offerings, INGRID cassettes are not built as a disposable item. The design encourages the consumer to replace the worn part of the cassette. It makes them a great option for eBikes where drivetrain wear is a major issue and it highlights the brands focus on sustainability.

Another point of difference is the gearing options, which may suit the consumer chasing a ratio spread that better suits their needs. The 12-speed road cassette, which comes in both XD and HG options, is offered in 11-44 to minimise friction losses while providing an impressively wide spread. The 12-speed MTB cassette is currently offered in 10-48 ratios, providing ‘real’ usability with smooth shifts throughout the full range.

A 12-speed 10-52 MTB cassette is expected to be available later in the year. Those choosing to stick with 11-speed can make use of a 10-46 spread, which is a great range upgrade from the common 10-42 cassette.

Beyond the serviceability, longevity and sensible ratio options, INGRID cassettes offer good weight savings. The 10-48 cassette tips the scales at 323g, which is approximately 40g less than a SRAM XX1 cassette (10-50) and 53g less than Shimano XTR (10-51). Retail pricing ranges from $619 to $649 depending on the ratio option selected.

Ingrid Cranks
Lightweight and stylish, Ingrid offers cranks for everything from road to DH MTB. The CRS-POP gravel crank is pictured here.

The crank is another staple of the INGRID range. Utilising an interchangeable 30mm spindle, INGRID cranks can be adapted to suit a range of bottom bracket standards. This allows them to simplify their line to include four crank models that broadly cover everything from road to gravel and XC to DH and enduro.

Each crank features unique styling, such as the CRS-POP gravel crank, which is inspired by the pop-art movement and the work of Roy Lichtenstein. It beautifully melds retro ‘90 lines with modern manufacturing techniques and FEM design to maximise the strength-to-weight ratio without pushing the boundaries.

Pricing starts from $499 for their CRS-G gravity crank and goes up to $749 for the CRS-R2 road cranks. INGRID also offers a range of direct mount 1X rings and a 110BCD double road spider to suit all cranks.

Ingrid Compoment
With its interchangeable fin, the one derailleur will operate with many different shifters for road and MTB, 11 or 12-speed.

Possibly the most impressive addition to the INGRID line is the derailleur. Made predominantly from CNC machining and modern additive manufacturing, it’s available in a range of anodised colours. The one derailleur model is available in two cage lengths and can be adapted to suit a variety of different shifter pull ratios by simply changing a small low cost part; the fin.

This allows adaptability to suit 11 or 12-speed, Shimano or SRAM, Campagnolo 12-speed or EKAR, Gevenalle or Microshift and more. Every part is sold individually too, making this derailleur completely serviceable and re-buildable—something that puts the seemingly high $900 price tag into perspective.

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