Bike Protection an Open and Shut Case with B&W

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German manufacturer B&W has long been recognised for its premium, high-security cases.

With a background in products for search and rescue, and the transportation of dangerous goods, B&W products have well and truly proven themselves for dependency when uncompromised protection is essential.

Similarly, B&W’s bike cases and bags sit among the best in the market for strength, durability, sustainable construction and price competitiveness.

However, the company upped the ante when it released the B&W bike.guard curv.

The new model slots into the top rung of an already high-quality range but its recommended retail price of $1,199 positions it competitively among the best B&W’s rivals have to offer.

Constructed from impact resistant polypropylene, its double hooked clam design provides high rigidity and crush protection, while weighing just 8.9kg.

B&W Curve bike bag exterior
The curv’s ultra-sturdy polypropylene shell, interlocking clam-style design and wide straps provide high-level bike protection, while robust casters make the box easily manoeuvrable.

Robust X-pattern straps complement the strength of the interlocking shell, which features a removable lid to make packing and working on the bike easier.

Casters can often be a weak link for bike cases but the curv’s four casters are particularly sturdy, roll smoothly and turn easily. The two rear casters are larger than the two at the front, to enhance manoeuvrability.

B&W has the same casters on several of its models, making it easier to source replacements if one does get damaged.

To further boost protection and user convenience, the curv comes with a multitude of included accessories, including two wheel bags, a substantial chain guard, a full block to go under the chain ring, foam blocks for the handlebars and chain, and protectors for the forks and dropouts.

The clam-style design for the shell, with two fully detachable halves, means one half can be fitted within the other when the case isn’t being used. That helps to reduce its size in storage, which can be one of the drawbacks of a hard-shell case.

B&W Curve bike bag interior
The curv comes with several accessories to further protect the bike in transit, while additional gear bags are available to provide further functionality and protection.

B&W’s range in Australia consists of four hard-shell bike cases, three bags and an intermediate option that combines the elements of hard shell and bag. The range includes some of the few options available in this country for folding bikes.

“The S case is one of our biggest sellers, along with a choice of bags for folding bikes,” according to brand manager Levi Black from Melbourne’s Bikesportz, which has been distributing B&W in Australia for just over a year.

Levi said Bikesportz’s “bread and butter” in bike bag sales is the B&W bike.bag 2.0, which superseded B&W’s very popular bike.bag around two years ago.

“The move to version 2.0 came with a full overhaul of the design,” he explained.

“That included a new shape for the ABS plastic base, which comprises about 20% of the bag’s surface area and provides a great deal of protection for the bike.”

The Ripstop polyester shell includes an innovative foldout flap which, when unzipped, serves as a floormat while assembling or disassembling the bike, to protect the floor of the user’s home or accommodation.

“It helps prevent costly cleaning bills at a hotel room and makes it easier to find any small parts you might drop,” Levi added.

“The mat then folds up for an extra layer of protection on the bag.”

B&W Curve bike bag interior
A clever foldout flap serves as a floormat while assembling or disassembling the bike, to protect floors and avoid hotel cleaning bills.

It also comes with two wheel bags, an adjustable fork protector, a study two-way zipper and pull handle, as well as the same casters as the curv.

The bike.bag 2.0 retails for $699.95.

Bikesportz will next month introduce a fourth option in its B&W range for folding bikes.

The foldon.bag pack doubles as a bike bag and backpack, providing the ultimate in mobility for people travelling with a folding bike.

Weighing 4.1kg and with dimensions of 620mm x 600mm x 250mm for transporting a bike, the bag talks about two and a half minutes to convert into a convenient backpack.

For further information about B&W bike cases and bags, contact Bikesportz on 1800 808181 or Levi Black on (03) 9586 1648 or

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