It’s All About the Vibe!

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Orbea’s new Vibe offers everyday cyclists a level of design refinement and sophistication previously only seen in the most expensive road and mountain bikes.

Vibe is an electric urban bike that maximizes style and efficiency at an incredibly low weight. Vibe is designed for cyclists seeking simplicity and freedom thanks to a revolutionary new platform.


Vibe’s controls and interfaces are integrated or hidden without losing sight of easy usability and access for maintenance. From the system cables to electronic controls, all cables are routed so they’re almost invisible. The grips are simple and functional, the iWOC TRIO controller is in an easy-to-reach location and the sleek Knog Oi bell is easily accessible.

Even the integrated headlight is in an optimal location for safety and visibility.

Orbea Vibe Integrated Headlight
The Vibe’s integrated headlight offers more than 180 degree visibility for approaching vehicles.

Integrated Lezyne front and rear daytime running lights power on automatically. The front light is integrated into the stem itself, and the rear light is nestled in the fender or the seat post, depending upon the Vibe model.

OC Dual Bag

Commuting often requires travelling with gear. Spare clothing, electronics and everyday items come with us around the city, no matter the weather. That’s why Orbea created the OC Dual Bag, a waterproof rack accessory that can be converted into a backpack in less than 10 seconds.

Two Frame Design Options

The Vibe comes in two unisex frame designs, a high top tube and a mid tube version. Both Vibe frames are available in all models with the same personalization options. (XL frame size is available only in the high top tube version.)

Orbea Vibe mid tube frame version
Riders looking for a lower stand over height can choose the Vibe’s mid tube frame option.


Orbea’s well established ‘My Orbea’ (MyO) system is available for the H10, H10 Mid and H10 Vibe models. These are personalizable through MyO, letting your customers choose the colour of the frame, fork, fenders, anodized parts, saddle, grips, bell and tires. There are more than 2,500 different options in all.

Orbea Vibe H10 EQ top model
The Vibe H10 EQ is the fully spec’d top level model, complete with this waterproof OC bag that rapidly converts into a backpack.

Easy Servicing for Dealers

Vibe has only one external wire connection, allowing the rear wheel to be removed from the bike. This cable is tucked neatly under the chain stay and hidden with a smoothly-integrated cover. The battery access port under the BB is similarly invisible, and the headset cover blends neatly into the top tube.

Orbea Vibe battery charging point
Under the discrete flap at the bottom of this photo is the combined battery charging and diagnostics point.

Streamlined Sophistication

Other technical features of the Vibe include the small, discrete IWOC Trio control centre that includes both battery and light control and setting the battery assist level.

The integrated battery is charged via a CAN (Controller Area Network) bus port that provides a single interface for charging, system diagnosis or attaching the Range Extender.

The conventional cassette lock ring is replaced by a PAS sensor that monitors the rider’s pedalling input 40 times per second and adjusts the power boost accordingly.

Vib’s streamlined frame is made from hydroformed butted aluminium tubing with forged dropouts and bottom bracket shell to improve stiffness. The carbon fork’s layup and shaping offers the best combination of elasticity, tyre clearance and torsional stiffness.

Orbea is exclusively distributed throughout Australia by BikeBox. For more information visit or call (03) 9555 5800.

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