Magicshine Offers Massive Lumen Outputs and Great Value

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Magicshine was founded in 1999 and has been focused on outdoor lighting areas over the past 20 years. With a mission to provide people with high performance and cost-effective lights for extensive outdoor activities Magicshine are also known for superior industry technology and innovation. Magicshine is well known for their high-powered MTB lights and now they also offer a wide range of quality commuting lights. KWT stocks the majority of the Magicshine range.

MTB Range

Magicshine have options ranging from 1,200 lumens all the way up to an amazing 6,500 lumens.

Their budget orientated go-to model is the MJ900 with 1200 lumens of power, a small compact battery and a runtime of 2.5-10.5hrs with an RRP of $109.95

For something a little brighter there are the MJ902 and MJ906.

The 902 packs in 2,000 lumens with a rear light of 15 lumens, and a run time of 3-7.2 hrs with an RRP of $199.95.

The 906 jumps up to 5,000 lumens with a handlebar remote, front and rear light unit, a run time of 2.1-7.2 hrs and an RRP of $249.95

Magicshine’s Monteer 6500 features a customised optical lens with five lights and 16 options to give the perfect beam pattern and optimised running time.

A brighter light is the Monteer 6500, which comes with a sturdy mounting-bracket and 6500 lumens of packed power. It has three beam choices – hybrid, flood, spot – with varying power options and run times ranging from 1.2 hrs to 82 hrs. With an RRP of $449.95, the Monteer 6500 is a favourite for those riding in rough conditions who need a sturdy light and a lot of power.

KWT stocks a range of accessories are for these models including spare batteries, mounts, remotes, cable extensions and more.

Commuting Range

In May 2020, KWT will release Magicshine’s three new rear commuting models – the seemee30, seemee100 and seemee200. These will accompany the seemee20 and seemee60. The star of the show is the seemee200 with 200 lumens of super charged LED brightness and a dual lens, one that shines to the back and one that shines to the ground to light up every cyclist and provide added visibility.

Coming Soon! Magicshine’s three new seemee tail lights go all the way up to 200 lumens.

There are numerous front light options with the Alty range covering outputs of 300, 500, 1,000 and recently 2,000 lumens. The Alty 1,000 and 2,000 lumen options are powerful and effective front lights with well-considered modes, decent running times and numerous bracket options such as the TTA bracket. The Alty 1000 retails for $149.95 and the Alty 2000 is $229.95. 

All Magicshine lights come with a 1-year warranty.

For your light range this season, contact KWT Imports today and consider our attractive dealership programmes and margin builder options.

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