Rotor and Stages Make Groupe Sportif Your One Stop Power Shop

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Stages Cycling may be best known to many bicycle dealers for their extremely high performance and well-priced crank based power meters, but for a decade Stages has also made over 20,000 commercial quality spin bikes for gyms and classes worldwide. This has given them invaluable experience when it came to developing the ultimate pro level home trainer the SB20 Smart Bike.

The SB 20 offers true dual sided power measurement which is transmitted to any device via ANT+ and Bluetooth. It features a full weight (over 22 kg) physical, not virtual, flywheel to give the most realistic feeling. This is driven by a Gates carbon belt drive for the lowest noise and zero maintenance.

In keeping with its commercial spin class heritage, the Stages SB20 is one of the heaviest, most solid indoor smart trainers on the home market, weighing 62.5 kg. It can handle the biggest sprints and stay as steady as a rock.

Stages SB 20 is designed to quickly adapt to riders of all sizes with four different pedal spindle holes to make effective crank lengths of 165, 170, 172.5 and 175 mm. The seat post and stem are marked with exact measurements and have wide ranges of adjustment.

Perhaps the best news of all for Australian dealers in the current indoor trainer starved marketplace is that exclusive distributor Groupe Sportif has shipments landing in both July and August which, at the time of writing, are not fully presold. So get in quick!

Stages Dash

Two other state of the art product ranges from Stages Cycling are Stages Dash head units and Stages Power Cranks.

Stages Dash comes in two models, the M50 and the larger L50. These GPS units feature full colour screens that have an auto brightness mode to immediately suit your lighting conditions. They’re compatible with all major mapping file formats and software systems including Strava and MapMyRide. The screen format is fully customisable, and of course you can use your smartphone via Stages LINK.

Stages Power Meter

After almost a decade of development, Stages power meters are huge sellers worldwide. You can choose from the Stages L for left crank only or Stages R for any bike with reduced chainstay clearance or Stages LR to evaluate left/right pedalling power balance and smoothness.


Groupe Sportif is your one stop shop for power solutions, because it is also the exclusive Australian distributor of Rotor components. Founded in Spain in 1994, Rotor became famous through its Tour de France winning elliptical chainrings and now manufactures a wide range of components including the INspider (single sided) and 2INpower (dual sided) power meters.

A key Rotor power meter feature is Direct Mount technology which includes a clever spline interface between the crank arm and chainrings for superior stiffness and direct transfer of pedalling torque.

Rotor offers user-friendly setup and simple calibration with rechargeable battery life of up to 250 hours that can be easily charged via a magnetic connector.

Accurate power measurement and pedal stroke optimization are fundamental in the pursuit of performance gains.

Rotor 2INpower

Rotor’s 2INpower achieves higher data sampling rates than other power meter systems by recording power via four sets of opposing gauges to measure left and right legs independently. This provides precise data about your pedal stroke balance, power output, cadence and torque effectiveness.

Dual leg measurement allows you to know the individual performance in each of your legs and gives you a comprehensive picture of the power balance in your pedalling technique to highlight where you can make essential improvements.

2INpower DM Road is a powerful tool for measuring your unique pedalling biomechanics via Rotor’s Power application. This allows users to access real time performance rich data including proprietary metrics TORQUE 360, Optimum Chainring Angle (OCA) and a recommendation of Optimal Chainring Position (OCP).

2INpower DM Road data is exportable to any device via Bluetooth Smart® or ANT+ and to allow for training analysis with various platforms such as

Rotor INspider

INSpider is a power meter for all kind of bikes and cyclists. It’s a lightweight spider integrated power meter that delivers a reliable, versatile and advanced watt measurement system. It is compatible with Q RINGS® oval rings and all ROTOR modular cranks, both 1x and 2x, Road and MTB systems.

INspider has rechargeable battery with coated electronics and strong sealing for water resistance to measure power from inside the spider.

Rotor Inspider

For more information about all Stages and Rotor products, contact Groupe Sportif via

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