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Now sitting under the SRAM umbrella, Quarq has long been recognised as one of the leaders in power meters and data measuring devices. These days their range is broader than ever, encompassing everything from high-end power meters integrated into SRAM Red or XX1 cranks, to Quarq branded spiders that can be paired with Dura-Ace R9100 four-bolt chainrings for Shimano users. These crank-based power meters are said to offer accuracy within 1.5%, provide left-to-right hand power balance and give around 200 hours of use from a small CR2032 button battery.

SRAM Quarq Spider Red AXS Power Meter
Integrated into the spider, the high-end Quarq power meters offer accuracy within 1.5%.

One of their more recent additions is a line of competitively priced power meters that integrate the sensor within the crank spindle. This compact system only adds 40g to the crankset and is powered by a AAA battery to provide an impressive 400 hours of use. With this, the power measurements are single-sided but the pricing is very attractive; the newly-released SRAM Rival power crank retails for around $530 including chainrings. Regardless of the price, all Quarq power meters share an IPX7 waterproof rating, so they can handle the dust, dirt or gravel, road and MTB use without complaint.

ShockWiz suspension tuning device
ShockWiz allows anyone to become a suspension tuning wizard!

The Quarq range extends well beyond the watt and gram counting brigade. Aiming to assist mountain bikers, ShockWiz takes the guesswork out of the suspension set-up. It works on just about any air-sprung fork or rear shock, simply threading onto the Schrader air valve. Once mounted, it provides feedback via an app and rates your tune, suggesting alterations to achieve your desired ride characteristics. Retailing for $489, it’s quick and easy to swap between bikes and some stores have taken to hiring them out to customers for their initial set-up and tuning period.

Along similar lines, the TyreWiz allows continuous monitoring of tyre pressures while riding. They are sold in a pair for $284 and thread into any removable Presta valve stem.

Once paired via Bluetooth with a smart phone or to an ANT+ cycle computer, they show front and rear pressures with an accuracy of 0.1psi and you can even setup alarms to alert you of a slow leak.

Monitoring this information allows the user to account for the pressure variations that come with temperature, altitude and slow leakage over time. Staying on top of this metric isn’t just about rolling resistance and efficiency, it can also prevent tyre or rim damage and the owner can maximise their comfort and safety when road/trail conditions vary.

TyreWiz takes the guesswork out of tyre pressure and adds an element of safety, allowing you to monitor this data on-the-go.

From gravity oriented mountain bikers to roadies and triathletes, the Quarq range has a selection of high-tech products to suit. Check them out at www.sram.com/en/quarq or call PSI Cycling on 03 8327 8080.

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