Bikesportz Vision and Market Strength Offer Certainty for Dealers

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Supreme insight and the capacity to act upon this vision have seldom, if ever, been more important to success in the bicycle trade industry than they are now.

As COVID wields a dual-edged sword of increased bike sales and a constriction of supply, operators that can continue to deliver required products with little delay are striding ahead of the pack.

Bikesportz Imports is one of those industry leaders gaining further prominence in these unusually challenging times. The Melbourne-based company continue to ride high, courtesy of its longevity, vast ‘family’ of premier brands, experienced staff, sheer size of operation, versatility in product delivery and an unsurpassed commitment to working with dealers.

“We ensured during COVID that we had ample stock ordered, so dealers can be confident we can supply all the P&A they need. That’s particularly important as we head into a busy summer period that is likely to throw up some major supply challenges for a lot of people in the industry,” Bikesportz Marketing Manager Rowena Goodwin said.

“Our positive situation has certainly been aided by our long-standing and close relationships with our brands. We’ve been with many of them for more than 20 years, so there’s a lot of trust.

Bikesportz offers some of cycling’s most iconic brands, such as Campagnolo, Santini, Hope Technology, Reynolds and Science in Sport. 

Campangnolo is a brand distributed by Bikesportz Imports
The Ekar groupset was built from the ground up as a dedicated gravel groupset (Photo courtesy of Bikesportz Imports)
Santini is a brand distributed by Bikesportz Imports
Santini apparel continue to bring plenty of Italian passion to the Bikesportz range. (Photo courtesy of Bikesportz Imports)

“We have the three best Campagnolo experts in the country,” she added.

“Campagnolo, BBB, Santini and Northwave continue to be our leading brands and, at the same time, we’re expanding our range with a number of brands that are steadily entrenching themselves as market leaders in their areas of expertise.

“This year we’ve added Alpinestars, B&W Travel Bags, Bryton GPS cycling computers and CRC SmartWasher Systems, and we’re now the official Australian service centre for Bosch.

CRC Smart Washers is a brand distributed by Bikesportz Imports
CRC SmartWasher Systems are environmentally friendly and provide a non-toxic solution for bike shops. (Photo courtesy of Bikesportz Imports)

CRC washers are becoming a regular sight in bike store workshops, as well as in many other industries. They are environmentally friendly and provide a non-toxic solution for local bike shops.

“Alpinestars is another very exciting addition to what we offer,” Rowena said.

“While the iconic Italian brand has been a leader in motorsport clothing and equipment since the 1960s and expanded into MTB in the early 2000s, new inclusion to its range ensure Alpinestars remains at the forefront of rider-focused products.”

Recent additions to the range feature thermal insulation, waterproofing, windproofing, touchscreen compatibility, removable inner lining, abrasion resistance and Polygene antibacterial treatments.

Alpine Stars is a brand distributed by Bikesportz Imports
Italian brand Alpinestars is among new additions to the Bikesportz Import portfolio. (Photo courtesy of Bikesportz Imports)

Similarly, Bikesportz Imports has been at the forefront of shaping the Australian bike industry for more than 35 years, as it transforms from an enthusiast-based cottage industry to become more professional, dynamic and mainstream.

BikeSportz Imports continues to evolve as a leading supplier of ‘A brand’ cycling clothing, parts, accessories and nutrition.

While it remains a family-owned company, Bikesportz Imports has grown to represent over 30,000 products – from 25 of the world’s leading cycling brands and from 10 countries – and it’s constantly increasing its stable of brands.

“We truly are a one-stop-shop for retailers and we make it really easy to become a dealer with us, with some great dealer loyalty programs,” Rowena said.

Hope Technology is a brand distributed by Bikesportz Imports
Hope Technology has been a leader in bike component engineering since the late 1980s. (Photo courtesy of Bikesportz Imports)

Its breadth of desirable brands is backed by exceptionally experienced brand managers and sales representatives in every major city in Australia, working with nearly 1,000 retailers to capture the imagination of shoppers and maximise sales.

“We’ve invested in developing point-of-sale systems and displays for any store that promotes our products, giving all our brands guaranteed visibility, prominence and priority and allowing us to continue investing in the prosperity of all our dealers,” she explained.

“Our professional Customer Service Team also includes in-house marketing and graphics experts to assist dealers in any way we can, to help them tell the stories of their brands and value-add to their businesses

Bikesportz provides dealers with social media packs to help spread the word, incorporating all the marketing collateral it receives from the brands.

“Some of our dealers now have more than 10,000 followers on their social media channels, so the marketing materials are an increasingly effective way to excite customers,” Rowena said.

“Dealers also really value our quick turnaround times. Our customer service team is always available for advice and assistance during business hours and utilises a number of different shipping options, which helps to dispatch quickly and minimise transit times.

“Not only can we do it quickly, we offer a great Freight Saver program to all retailers in Australia.”

When stores reach a certain spend, they are eligible for either free or heavily discounted shipping.

“That guarantees every store gets the best value freight charge possible and most stores are able to qualify for freight savings on nearly every order,” she added.

BBB is a brand distributed by Bikesportz Imports
Enduring Dutch brand BBB is as well known for its pioneering approach to shop displays as it is for the company’s expansive range. (Photo courtesy of Bikesportz Imports)

Bikesportz Imports is preparing to make it even easier and faster for retailers to order stock.

“We’re about to launch a new B2B online platform, offering an easy and streamlined system to access more than 30,000 products,” Rowena said.

“If dealers have any questions, the B2B platform’s Live Chat function makes it just as swift and convenient for them to get information and advice.”

Bikesportz has a technically advanced team that can easily assist and help solve all problems.

“That includes keeping at the forefront of market trends and customer demands,” she explained.

“Our brand managers are professionals with seasoned expertise at identifying and interpreting future trends, to ensure we are positioned where the market is heading.”

B&W is a brand distributed by Bikesportz Imports
B&W Travel Bags is another new addition for Bikesportz in 2021. (Photo courtesy of Bikesportz Imports)

Interested dealers can visit

Bikesportz Imports can also be contacted at or by phoning 1800 808 181.

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