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You mightn’t have heard of Momentum Mobility Limited (MML) but they have been quietly working behind the scenes manufacturing quality action sports products for many years. Last year they decided to move out from the shadows by setting up their own global distribution network and they’re now set to make waves as a global power in the burgeoning action-sports market.

While MML’s distribution arm was only established in August 2020, founder Matthew Clark has over 20 years of experience in manufacturing and product development. This background has allowed the Australian-based company to flourish, expanding their existing Australian and Chinese operations into MML branches in the UK, Europe, USA and now Canada.

Unlike most wholesalers, MML actually owns the brands that they sell. As a result, they have direct control over everything from the product design and manufacturing to quality control, warranty management, marketing and sponsorship deals. Retail partners are effectively dealing directly with the manufacturer, as opposed to a distributor as is normally the case with most wholesalers.

Action sports may be a foreign field for many bike shops but diversification into this market offers numerous benefits. Where the supply of traditional bicycles has been heavily impacted by Covid related issues, the comparative simplicity of scooters and mini-BMX bikes means availability is far less of a hurdle.

MML Invert Supreme scooters
The Invert brand covers everything from mini-BMX bikes to scooters and even drift-trikes.

The brands fostered by MML all feature robust design and quality construction; they’re built to take an absolute hiding, so the return rate will be low and consumer satisfaction high. When compared to full-size bikes, floor stock won’t impact too heavily on your showroom real estate. They also present a comparatively low-risk venture, costing less per unit than a decent quality bike while providing a higher percentage return on investment, especially when you factor in the ease of assembly. MML offers a full range of spare parts to support their range, including aftermarket ‘hop-ups’ that allow the consumer to customise their rides.

The comparative simplicity also opens up the option for click and collect direct sales. As a dealer, you can list the products on your shop website and MML will ship the sale directly to the consumer from their Melbourne warehouse—a great option for both retailer and consumer in these Covid-times.

Examples of their product include the Invert Supreme Mini BMX. This scaled-down BMX is built around 10-inch spoked wheels with huge three-inch wide tyres—a combination that makes the wheels close to indestructible! It also makes the bike really easy to throw around for doing tricks.

While it may be small in stature, the Invert Supreme Mini BMX is packed with high quality big-bike features. The serviceable hubs run on sealed cartridge bearings with standard 14mm axles. Like most modern high-end BMX bikes, it has a compact 25T chainring combined with a 9T driver on the back. MML stocks all proprietary spares (namely the wheels and tyres) but the majority of the parts adhere to common industry standards. These compact and bombproof little bikes retail for $399.

MML has a huge selection of scooters to choose from but none are cheap and nasty toys. Premium brands include Triad, Oath Components and urbanArtt. Within the Triad line-up, you’ll find cartridge bearing wheels, integrated headsets, sturdy 7000-series alloy decks and cool graphics throughout. Retail pricing ranges from $269 for the Infraction up to $429 for the Psychic Fugitive.

Because MML owns a range of specialist scooter component brands their range of aftermarket gear also opens opportunities for repeat sales. Customers can trick their scooters up as they go, replace consumable parts such as wheels, grips and grip tape; there’s everything from decks with outlandish graphics to titanium handlebars!

MML Triad Psychic Totmen Stone scooter
With 7000-series alloy decks, sealed cartridge bearings and integrated headsets, Triad scooters are built to last.
MML Triad Psychic scooter parts
A combination of simplicity and quality materials delivers trouble-free fun for the consumer and peace of mind for the retailer.

In keeping with their focus on action sports, MML has just launched a new helmet brand; Cortex Protection. They’re fully certified, offer a deep profile for added coverage and come with four pad sets that allow for a custom fit. At 265g for a medium size, they’re also super-light for an in-mould skate helmet and retail for $89.99.

MML Cortex Protection
Cortex Protection is a new brand, combining lightweight with skate styling and Australian standards certification.

If you’re keen to diversify and test out the action sports market, get in touch with Momentum Mobility Limited. They could hold the key to new sales and expand your customer base, so take a look at their website to get a taste of what they have to offer at

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