Simplicity, Dependability & Comfort – Dyson Bikes Celebrates 10 Years of Innovation

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Homegrown brand Dyson Bikes earned early acclaim with its dedication to simplicity and dependability and has stuck to that path during a successful first decade in business.

Dyson Bikes was just one year into its journey when its original Hard Tail model was one of only four e-bikes recommended by a Choice Magazine review, distinguished within the relatively fledgling industry by a preference for user friendly technology and components from well-known brands.

That DNA has been passed on to each of the Dyson Bikes that have followed and has earned a faithful following, with a loyal customer base and many older riders attracted to the brand’s emphasis on e-bikes that are easy to operate and comfortable to ride.

As the company celebrates its 10th anniversary, it is now building on that dependable foundation, to partner with additional retailers and expand the range of accessories it distributes.

ebike product shot
Impressive choice … the original 2013 Hard Tail was one of only four e-bikes recommended by a Choice Magazine review.

Automotive Origins

Co-founder David Metzke was working in the auto industry with GMH when he had an epiphany about the potential of e-bikes. David and his wife, Naomi Dyson, soon hatched a plan to launch their own brand … and Dyson Bikes was born with a clear target market in mind and the motto ‘We’re Electric’.

They recognised the opportunities e-bikes presented particularly for older Australians and produced bikes with simplicity and comfort front of mind.

“It’s also the features that aren’t so apparent on the spec sheets that really contribute to the quality and enjoyment of the ride.”

The KISS (keep it simple, stupid) philosophy that underpinned their initial venture continues to set Dyson Bikes apart in a burgeoning e-bike industry.

While that simplicity includes creating bikes that are easy to operate, it does not mean skimping on quality.

Key components are sourced from high-standing suppliers such as Shimano, Tektro, VP and Velo, and quality construction extends to details such as robust waterproof connectors on displays, brake levers and lights – for easy plug-and-play replacement.

“With the need to meet EN15194 standards, most e-bikes appear very similar on paper,” David says.

“Our adherence to well-known brands certainly stands out on our spec sheets. But it’s also the features that aren’t so apparent on the spec sheets that really contribute to the quality and enjoyment of the ride.”

ebike product shot
Gets even better … the current Hard Tail Evo models builds on the solid DNA of its 2013 predecessor.

A Gentle Helping Hand

The company’s relaxed, upright frame designs and the unique Dyson Bikes Linear Power Control (LPC) system have been central to developing a range of bikes that ride well and really suit Australian buyers.

“We found our early customers were really keen to ride a bike for fitness, so they wanted just a little help,” he explained.

“Standard off-the-shelf systems gave too much assistance or cut out at speeds that were too low, say 10kmh, for what potential buyers needed.

“Their feedback led us to develop a motor control that was smoother and gentler in the lower assist setting, but gave full power when you wanted it, right up to 25kmh.”

LPC also delivers greater power consistency as battery levels drop.

“As battery voltages drop, typically so does the power. LPC samples the battery voltage multiple times a second and adjusts the power output to the motor to give a consistent linear assistance, regardless of the state of charge,” David explained.

“We’re not aware of any other brand doing this.”

Close up shot of bicycle spokes
The pillar spoke on the left is bent to a unique angle and has a visibly superior finish compared to the standard 13G spoke on the right.

Dyson Bikes ingenuity also found solutions to initial teething issues, including a switch to special rims for greater reliability.

When its celebrated first Hard Tail model revealed an initial weak point – a tendency for broken rear spokes – Dyson Bikes completely remedied the issue with rims drilled at an angle.

They paired the rims with custom spokes from Pillar and both continue to feature on the Hard Tail Evo and Mixte models.

Reliability – and a swift response to any problems – has been a major attraction for the company’s retail partners.

Electric Bikes Brisbane co-owner Sam Willis said: “We’ve sold Dyson Bikes since 2015 and we’re still with them today because of the great backup and service from David and the team.

ebike product shot
The Dyson Bikes range starts at an RRP of $1,999 for the Adventure 20-inch folding bike.

“We have very few issues with the bikes. On the odd occasion we need help, they are easy to get on the phone and the customer is on their way again.”

All Dyson Bikes e-bikes are backed by a two-year warranty on electrical components and five years for the frames.

Dyson Bikes is looking to extend that dependability and assurance to other bricks and mortar retailers, preferring to partner with stores with a physical presence rather than on-line only sellers.

“Our goal over the next decade is to really cement our place in the Australian e-bike market,” David explained.

The Dyson Bikes range starts at an RRP of $1,999 for the Adventure 20-inch folding bike, continues with the larger 26-inch Adventure Folding $2,199, Mixte and Hard Tail Evo 8-speed 14Ah at $2,249 and tops out with the Hard Tail Evo and Mixte RTC variants at $2,899.

Seaty Lock close up product shot
The Seaty Lock range is available from Dyson Bikes from this month.

New Accessories

In its earliest days, Dyson Bikes recognised the importance of high-quality accessories to accompany its bikes and has gradually introduced a growing range of complementary products to help meet the needs and quality expectations of its retailers and customers.

Fastforward to November 2023 and Dyson has just added Seaty Lock and new award-winning lights from Swedish brand Bookman to its portfolio.

The Seaty Lock range, tested by Sold Secure in the UK, includes the lightest U-Lock with a Diamond rating, the Mason, and the Foldylock Forever plate lock which Sold Secure awarded a Gold rating.

The Seaty Lock range is available from Dyson Bikes from this month.

Bicycle light product shot
The Power wheel on Bookman’s new Volume series of lights enables riders to easily choose between brightness levels, even while wearing gloves, and was instrumental in the range winning a 2023 Eurobike Award.

Bookman’s new Volume series was among the prize recipients at the 2023 Eurobike Awards, honouring innovation and exceptional quality. While the Volume series impressed with its efficient beam pattern and high performance, it really attracted the judges’ attention with its patent-pending Power wheel that enables riders to easily adjust brightness levels, even while wearing gloves.

Dyson Bikes also distributes the original AirBell, a regular looking bell that hides an Apple AirTag, and Satori suspension seat posts, stocking the three common sizes – 27.2mm, 30.9mm and 31.6mm.

AirBell product shot.
It looks like a conventional bell but the AirBell hides an Apple AirTag, an increasingly valuable security device as bike theft levels continue to rise.

It also supplies its own Dyson Bikes-branded accessories, such as mirrors and comfort seats.

All its accessories are available to any bricks and mortar bike shop, through the Dyson Bikes B2B platform.

Anyone interested in arranging a log-in to the platform or keen to find out more is encouraged to contact Dyson Bikes on 03 9532 3132 or email

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