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Originating from Korea and enjoying huge popularity in the Europe, HJC has half a century of experience in producing premium-level motorbike helmets.

More recently they’ve taken on the cycling market, leveraging off their experience with advanced materials and in-house wind tunnel facility to compete directly with the big players.

Furion 2.0 helmet
The Furion 2.0 is used by team AG2R, so expect to see it in action during the Tour de France.

South Side Distribution has seized the opportunity to partner with this premier brand and now has one of their most popular and versatile models in stock; the Furion 2.0. Designed in the wind tunnel, the Furion 2.0 blends aerodynamics with efficient ventilation and minimalist weight to give this model fantastic all-round appeal.

As the name suggests, the Furion 2.0 is the second iteration of this model. Starting at just 220g, the 2.0 is lighter than its predecessor and also features a fit system that automatically adjusts to suit an individual’s head.

Cyclist wearing Furion helmet
HJC offers the Furion in a wide range of colours to suit all tastes.

Venturi dynamics are utilised to minimise drag whilst capitalising on pressure differences to improve the extraction of hot air from the rearward vents—something that couldn’t be achieved without extensive wind tunnel testing.

As you’d expect with a premium-level helmet (RRP of $299), the Furion 2.0 features in-mould construction as well as antibacterial X-Static pads. There’s also an internal skeletal frame that helps to reinforce the shell and the Furion 2.0 has surpassed the AS/NZS 2063 standard.

Furion 2.0 helmet
Wind tunnel design is used to optimise both ventilation and aerodynamics while the retention system automatically adjusts to fit the head.

Expect to see lots of this helmet in the media over the coming month as the Furion 2.0 is the helmet of choice for the world tour teams Ag2r Citroen Team and Israel Premier Tech. If you want to capitalise on this, get in touch with South Side Distribution to become a stockist and expect to see the range of HJC helmets expand to include additional models in the coming months.

Call South Side Distribution on 1300 513 551 or email info@southsidedistribution.com.au.

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