Two Australian Designed Products with World Class Features

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Australian bicycle industry veteran Trent Fitzgibbins is passionate about designing state of the art products at great value prices that help dealers to sell through, 52 weeks of the year.

Trent has designed products for many brands and companies over the years, but this article will focus upon two of the latest innovations released under his own brand, M2O (pronounced ‘em-two-oh’).

M2O have designed the ultimate sock for any active endurance sport, whether it’s on the trails, road or just hanging out before or after exercise.

M2O’s Endurance sock range has a Class 1 graduated compression rating. This is a lower compression rating than their high-performance Class 2 socks. They don’t have that tight uncomfortable feeling but still deliver many benefits of a full compression sock.

They’ll add value to your customers’ daily health and well-being. Your customers will find these socks simple and easy to put on and packed with features including odour reducing materials, bolstered padding to reduce stress, seamless toe box to prevent chafing and blisters, mesh panels to accelerate wicking and breathability and a scientifically designed footbed area that incorporates technology to reduce slipping along with transferring the impact zone into energy.

M2O’s Endurance socks come is two different sizes S/M or L/XL

The some of the benefits of compression socks are:
1. Enhances performance
2. Reduces muscle fatigue & injury
3. Increases blood circulation
4. Supports muscles
5. Faster recovery
6. Decreases soreness
7. Helps prevent swelling
8. Super light weight
9. Delivers more oxygen to muscles
10. Removes metabolic waste

M2O Industries has also just launched their latest innovations in hydration – Pilot Insulated Bottles and IcyTech™.

“By developing IcyTech™, I have been able to create a range of bottles that can keep water cool for 2.5 times longer than a normal bottle,” Trent said.

They are ultra-light, extremely durable, easy to hold, simple to use, leak proof, BPA (bisphenol A) free, bottles.

As with all M2O products, the Pilot Bottles are also realistically priced to ensure that the are obtainable for everyday use and often less expensive than significantly inferior offerings.

The IcyTech™ developed by Trent and his team, in conjunction with a number of the world’s leading cross-country sports professionals, is placed between the inner and outer wall of the Pilot Bottle to create the ultimate insulation barrier.

While IcyTech™ is currently only available in three of the eight Pilot Bottles in the range, other benefits across the whole range include:

  • Ultralight, BPA free, construction with natural taste technology to maintain the flavour of the water not the plastic;
  • An easy-squeeze vessel design with a self-sealing TruFlo valve and large locking levers to maximise flow and simplify single handed access when moving flat strap;
  • An easy grip rim and Pro-Grip hand tread [on all but one bottle] to minimise slippage with sweaty hands or during extreme manoeuvres; and
  • A removable nozzle, to make cleaning of this dishwasher safe bottle even easier.

M20 products are exclusively distributed in Australia by Bikecorp who can be contacted at or phone 1899 810 155

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