Great Value & Margins from Europe’s Largest Tyre Manufacturer

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You may be interested to learn that the largest manufacturer of tyres within Europe is not one of the best known brands (who primarily manufacture in Asia) but Mitas, who have been making tyres, solely in Europe since 1908. Mitas are based in the Czech Republic, where they manufacture all of their bicycle tyres and tubes.

They’re a newer brand to Australia, having been imported and distributed for the past six years by Mitas Cycling Australia, founded and run by the Henderson family who have a long and storied history in mountain biking. The Canberra based Hendersons pride themselves upon their product expertise and customer service.

Mitas are committed to supporting independent bicycle dealers. In an age when dealers struggle to profitably sell tyres against online competitors, Mitas achieve the remarkable double benefit of both highly competitive retail pricing and very generous margins for dealers.

To make it easy for dealers to order Mitas has developed a state of the art B2B system with real time stock counts so that dealers can see exactly what’s available at that moment. They can also compare to their previous orders and a range of other features.

In addition to sport and recreational cycling, Mitas has a particularly strong range of commuter tyres.

Their top of the range commuter, the Flash Stop Thorn is exceptionally puncture resistant, as the name suggests. It’s perfect for both conventional bikes and the rapidly growing numbers of ebikes on the road.

Changing an ebike wheel in particular can be very labour intensive for your workshop. Sometimes it’s hard to get customer acceptance of the labour fee that you really should be charging, so you don’t want to be constantly having to remove wheels to replace puncture damaged tyres or tubes.

But with the Mitas Flash Stop Thorn, it’s nice to know that this tyre has no less that 4mm of puncture protection layer.

Flash Stop Thorns are also rated to over 100 kg per tyre, making them the perfect solution for cargo bikes, larger riders and anyone carrying children or heavy loads. Your customers will also appreciate their 5,000 to 10,000 km reliable lifespan.

For safety, they also feature 3M reflective sidewalls and a nice compliant ride quality.

Mitas Stop Thorn tyres come in all sizes from 20” to 700c and samples are available for dealers to test ride.

For dealer enquires, contact, visit or phone (02) 6100 2346

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