Free Software to Help Bike Shops Through Virus Shut Down

Leading bike industry software solutions provider CykelOS (formerly known as
BikeBookings) has spent years developing a highly refined system for workshop
management and bike rentals.

Now co-founders Kristen and Natalie Britz have decided to provide their software, which usually costs $50 per month, free of charge with no strings attached.

“From day one our intention has always been to help the bike industry, especially to help the brick and mortar retailer to be competitive and stay relevant,” Kristen explained.

“Given the current situation with the virus and business pressures that exist, we thought would offer our solution free of charge for the next six months.

“In particular, it will help bike shops to continue their workshop business at a distance from the customer during any current or further potential shut down.

“They can get more bookings for rentals or workshop without having to touch customers. It includes things like taking bookings, and payments online.”

Kristen said that they changed their business name from BikeBookings to CykelOS when they decided to broaden their platform to offer more than just a workshop bookings service.

He said that the only difference between the free and paid software will be a cap on the number of SMS notifications that can be sent out via the free software. This is because each SMS incurs a fee that CykelOS pays, usually offset against their
monthly software subscription fee.

CykelOS, which is based in Perth, WA serves bike shops throughout Australia and New Zealand along with some customers worldwide including the USA and UK.

For more information please visit or phone 0401 589 191.

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