Ebike Sales in Germany Surge to 1.36 Million Units and $4 Billion Value

German ebike sales have been growing by over 100,000 units per year since 2015, up to a total of 980,000 units for 2018. But the figures for 2019 which have just been released show further growth of 380,000 units in just one year to make total ebike sales for 2019 of approximately 1.36 million ebikes. That’s a 39% growth year on year from the previous record 2018 sales of 980,000 units.

According to a media release made on 5th March by the ZIV, the German Bicycle Association, total bicycles sales of all types including ebikes was 4.31 million units, a 3.1% increase on 2018. Non ebike sales fell by 7.8%.

Ebikes now represent 31.5% of the total market by volume. Within the ebike market, 36% were ‘trekking’ bikes (what Australians would call hybrid or pavement recreational bikes), 31% were city bikes, 26.5% MTB’s, 4% cargo bikes, 0.5% road, 0.5% speed pedelecs and 1.5% all other.

Average value at retail across all bikes was 982 Euros (A$1,777) with a total bike sales value of 4.23 billion Euros (A$7.6 billion). Figures were not given for market share by value but given their much higher prices, ebikes would be account for well over half the total value, probably in excess of A$4 billion in retail sales value for 2019.

The Total retail value of bike sales in Germany for 2019 was 4.23 billion Euros (A$7.65 billion) and for the entire industry including P&A, repairs and all other services 7 billion Euros (A$12.7 billion).

Some of the information for this article came from Bike Europe.

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