You Can Subscribe to our New Micromobility Report Now!

We’re very pleased to announce that on Friday 12th February we’ll be launching a second monthly newsletter called the Micromobility Report.

So what exactly is ‘micromobility?’

That’s a great question! Because the word is so new, its definition is still evolving, but a quick preview of the three main menus of the Micromobility Report will give you a good idea.

Firstly, under Products we’ll be reporting on latest developments in relation to bikes, cargo bikes, light electric vehicles, mobility assist, scooters, skateboards and all other relevant devices, most, but not all of which will have some form of electric power assist.

Next, Infrastructure will cover everything from bike and scooter share through to end of trip facilities, policy and funding, mobility as a service and more.

Finally, Recreation will cover all funding, design, construction and operational aspects of MTB trails and parks, rail trails and all other forms of micromobility based recreation such as cycle tourism.

Some of the content will overlap with The Latz Report, but most will be unique.

We considered broadening the scope and content of The Latz Report but decided that this new and rapidly growing market would be best served by its own newsletter, website and social media.

This will allow us to keep The Latz Report unchanged as a very tightly focused business to business (B2B) publication for the Australian and New Zealand bicycle trade. We only allow trade members to subscribe to The Latz Report and this policy will continue.

Meanwhile, the Micromobility Report will have a broader readership including business, government, organisations and interested members of the public. But despite allowing public consumers to subscribe, the Micromobility Report will primarily be targeted at a business and professional audience.

If you’d like a sneak preview of the Micromobility Report the site is already live at

The Micromobility Report newsletter will be posted on the second Friday of each month and The Latz Report will remain at it’s current date of the last Friday of each month.

If you’d like to subscribe to the Micromobility Report, please click on this link. It’s free of charge, no strings attached.

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