It’s Time for the Tour Down Under to Say No to Santos

Cyclist holding up winning trophy

Adelaide, SA If you look back through the Opinion section of The Latz Report, you’ll see I use my prerogative as publisher to voice an opinion very sparingly. There are only a couple of dozen opinion pieces since we started in 2019, most of which are non-controversial and two of which were written by guests.…

The More You Learn, The More You Earn!

Wollongong, NSW Years ago, a long-time friend and long-distance mentor of mine, Marc Sani (author of our Letter from America column), taught me a lesson I’ve always tried to implement. “Your readers don’t care what you think, they just want to know the facts! So just report the facts and keep your opinions to yourself.”…

Why Batteries Are Not So Green!

Ebike battery

Santa Fe, New Mexico It’s fair to say that e-bikes, especially e-mountain bikes, dominate discussion throughout the global bicycle market. Companies big, small and mid-size are betting that e-bike demand will lift the industry to soaring heights of new profits, driven by a near-universal acceptance—at least within the industry—that e-bikes could be a significant factor…

Beware of Higher Prices!

Stans Tyre Sealant

By Marc Sani Recently, I flatted while on a mountain bike ride in a rugged section of terrain some five kilometres from the trailhead. No serious mountain biker riding on tubeless tires rides without at least two key items—a spare inner tube and a 50 gram container of Stan’s tire sealant. It took only a…

Will the Major Brands Become Even More Dominant?

Trek Store

The pandemic is reshaping the bicycle industry and it’s time to pay attention. Let’s state it plainly: the largest companies in the industry have gotten bigger, more powerful, and with a deeper hold on bicycle spec and retail sales.

The result? Increased market power and dominance by the few over the many. It’s been a trend, a long-time in the making, and the pandemic will, perhaps, further accelerate ongoing consolidation particularly impacting small to midsize brands.

2020 Numbers Reveal the Bike Boom’s Impact

Americans, like others around the world, have found cycling a great way to escape the pressures of Covid 19.

By Marc Sani Set aside any doubts: The insurrection that swallowed our nation’s Capital Jan. 6 will reverberate for years to come. At the moment, no one knows where the country is headed—exactly. But “The Troubles,” an oft used phrase to describe the 30-year conflict in Northern Ireland, may signify the sort of long-term, low-level…

America’s Bike Sales Boom Continues… For Now

Letter from America

By Marc Sani The other day I walked into Bike’n Sport for a quick visit with its owner, Tony Farrar. As I paused to look around his showroom I was stunned at the number of empty hooks—usually filled with new bicycles. On the other hand, his repair bay hooks were filled. As Tony walked over…

Letter from America: USA’s Numbers Are Up!

Letter from America

It’s a pleasure to report good news about the United States bicycle industry. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic currently sweeping through far too many states, coupled with the shambolic response of the Trump Administration, bicycle sales in the first six months of 2020 have been sharply at odds with much of the nation’s sour health and…

Letter from America – June 2020

Letter from America

Bike Shops Are Busy in Santa Fe, New Mexico As COVID-19 makes its way in surges across the globe, I am one of the lucky ones. I live in Santa Fe, New Mexico, perched on a semi-arid plateau at an elevation of 7,100 feet (2,164 metres), that has, so far, escaped the worst of this…

Letter from America – May 2020

Letter from America

Get Ready to Face a New Economy SANTA FE, New Mexico—Covid-19 is fast changing the U.S economy, forcing a re-think of globalization and supply chain dependence, and turning the world of brick-and-mortar retail topsy-turvy. No one knows when the global economy will begin to ‘normalize’, as the experts like to say, and certainly no one…