Orbea Rallon – Born for Enduro

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There’s no hiding from it, 2022 is approaching hard and fast, and it’s coming with a good dose of optimism! Orbea is certainly working hard to make 2022 a winner and this is evident in some of their prominent new releases; take the Rallon enduro mountain bike for example…

While the outgoing Rallon was hardly dated, the 2022 edition fully embraces modern thinking on frame geometry. With 170mm up front and 160mm out back, it’s pitched directly at the big-mountain enduro market.

2022 Orbea Rallon personalised with Orbea MyO
The top four models in the Aussie Rallon range can be ordered with personalised paint and decals under Orbea’s ‘MyO’ program

To complement this, the Rallon head angle is now half a degree slacker than before (adjustable between 64 and 64.5-degrees) and the reach is longer too. The slacker head angle combines with the added reach to produce a longer wheelbase, which bolsters stability and confidence in steep terrain or at high speed.

For 2022 the seat tube is shorter too, with the ability to handle deeper seat post insertion. It provides greater flexibility with their sizing; riders who want to maximise the wheelbase length and stability can go up a size while still being able to run a log dropper, while those chasing a more nimble ride can downsize and run an extra-long dropper.

The seat tube also gets steeper too (77 or 77.5-degrees), placing more weight on the front wheel for improved climbing when seated—it’s a true all-rounder that climbs effectively and descends like a rocket. Orbea calls the design philosophy ‘steep and deep’.

A simple shock extender allows the Rallon to be set up in ‘mullet’ format, with a 27.5 rear wheel, and it does so without compromising the frame geometry.

2022 Orbea Rallon storage compartment
The handy down tube compartment is the perfect spot for carrying a spare tube or other spares.

Last but not least, the Rallon now incorporates a storage pouch in the down tube and compact tools hidden inside one of the suspension pivots as well as the rear wheel axle. This, combined with the sensibly positioned water bottle mount, means you can comfortably hit the trail without lugging a backpack.

What hasn’t changed is the quality frame construction and customisable options. The Rallon is still built with their OMR Monocoque Race carbon to achieve the highest strength-to-weight ratio.

2022 Orbea Rallon's compact multi-tool
You’ll even find a compact multi-tool hidden inside the suspension pivot—Orbea has gone to great lengths to make the Rallon as practical and rider-friendly as possible.

The consumer can customise the parts spec on all models and the top three also feature in the MyO program; this allows the buyer to choose from a huge array of custom colour and decal options.

The Aussie market will see four Rallon models retailing from $7,499 for the M20 through to the $13,999 M-LTD.

Orbea is distributed in Australia by Bikebox.

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