Oceania’s Brands to Inspire

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Melbourne, Victoria

They say authentic stories inspire and Oceania Cycle Sport distribute a range of product sure to provide plenty of inspiration.

The Melbourne-based company is a distributor for SE Bikes and Breezer Bikes – two revered brands that pioneered BMX and mountain bikes respectively.

In addition, the Oceania Cycle Sport range is underpinned by Japanese born Fuji, which is one of the world’s oldest brands and has been at the helm of adopting new technology. An international market leader for road and touring bikes since the company’s inception in 1899, Fuji is also gaining a greater following for its mountain and gravel bikes.

Oceania Cycle Sport Director Craig McGregor reincarnated the Oceania brand in 2017 after the previous company Oceania Bicycles was closed by its owner, Super Retail Group, in a restructure of its sports division.

Craig chose the name Oceania Cycle Sport to create a connection with existing Oceania Bicycles customers.

“Oceania Cycle Sports is not a big operator but we have a lot of experience, plenty of enduring contacts in the industry and a comprehensive range of bikes and P&A.

“Unlike some of the major distributors, we don’t set minimums and we’re particularly dedicated to working with independent retailers.

“We’re easy to work with and our people out on the road are veterans in the industry.”

Fuji Transonic23 is distributed by Oceania Cycle Sport in Australia
The Fuji Transonic23

Fuji Bikes

Oceania’s breadth of range comes largely from Craig’s long association with Fuji Bikes.

“I’ve been dealing with Fuji since 2004 when we brought it in as a brand for the Goldcross stores – with a bit of wholesale as well,” he said.

“Fuji is best known in Australia for road and touring, and a lot of retailers don’t fully understand the concept of what Fuji does.

“We now have a full range of Fuji bikes available in Australia – from road, hybrid and kids bikes to mountain and gravel.”

Fuji’s Auric is distributed by Oceania Cycle Sport in Australia
Fuji’s Auric dual-suspension MTB, featuring the company’s patent M-Link suspension.

Fuji was the first company to use Shimano Dura-Ace on production bikes and one of the first companies to manufacture frames using titanium.

A global industry leader for much of the 20th century, Fuji’s relatively slow response to the growing popularity of mountain biking in the 1980s partially eroded its strong position in the world bike market. However, Fuji over the past decade has been making up for lost time, applying much greater focus on mountain bikes and developing its own dual-suspension patent, the M-Link.

“In addition, they’re selling more gravel bikes than road bikes these days,” Craig said.

SE Bikes

While Fuji represents the greatest breadth of range in the Oceania Cycle Sport portfolio, SE Bikes is its greatest source of interest.

“We’re currently getting more phone calls about SE Bikes than all our other brands combined,” Craig said.

The small Melbourne company’s association with SE Bikes has thrust it into the emerging Bike Life movement, which began in US inner cities and, as part of its growth around the world, has made its way to Australia.

Created as a way to get youths out of gangs, Bike Life riders have embraced big-wheel BMX bikes to show off their wheelies and other bikes skills. Mass rides can attract hundreds of participants and companies have been created to foster the Bike Life movement.

SE Bikes are distributed by Oceania Cycle Sport in Australia
Bike Life youth doing what they do best on SE Bikes.

SE Bike already had legendary status as a pioneer of BMX, so it was well placed to play a key role in cultivating Bike Life.

SE Bikes founder Scot Breithaupt organised what is regarded as the first-ever BMX race, in a vacant lot in Long Beach, California in 1970.

Aged 14, Scot went on to create the Bicycle United Motocross Society (B.U.M.S.). He held the first California State Championships in 1972, designed BMX tracks, established BMX publications and managed race teams.

In 1977, he created the first rider-owned BMX company, Scot Enterprises, and release SE Racing’s first bike the following year.

Two years later, the SE racing team’s top rider, Perry Kramer, suggested welding a gusset to the top tube junction for strength. One of the most desirable bikes in BMX history, the PK Ripper, was born.

SE’s move into big-wheel BMXs, including 29, 27.5 and 26-inch options, not only helped capture the Bike Life market, it also attracts riders from a wide spectrum of ages.

“SE riders range from 12-year-olds to 50-year-olds, including many who have aspired to own a PK Ripper ever since they were kids,” Craig said.

The company has become a magnet for many youth brands looking for cross promotions to get involved in Bike Life, including Vans and DC Shoes, and Santa Cruz skateboards. Celebrities including the Kardashians, Australian-born NBA player Ben Simmons and rappers Public Enemy and Tyler the Creator have also embraced the brand.

Breezer Bikes

Breezer Bikes is another of Oceania’s pioneering brands.

Joe Breeze hand built the first modern mountain bike in 1977, establishing Breezer as the world’s first mountain bike brand.

The lifelong cyclist – who raced on the road and dirt, and toured all over the world – has never stopped innovating but remains focused on building steel frames.

His number one goal is to build bikes with light and lively rides, while incorporating a European influence.

The Breezer range includes three steel models for adventure and gravel, a 29er rigid steel mountain bike and a step-through Greenway e-bike.

Breezer Bikes are distributed by Oceania Cycle Sport in Australia.
The Breezer Bikes steel gravel range has a cult following.

“Breezer still has a cult following and we’ve been bringing in Joe’s gravel bikes since 2016,” Craig said.

“People want steel gravel bikes because they’re comfortable and reliable. You’ll get your roadies who want a carbon gravel bike but steel is resilient. It’s comfortable and they’re something you can take for long rides.”

Tuesday Cycles

Tuesday Cycles build bright, colourful cruisers and pavement bikes that offer another dimension to Oceania’s range.

“They’re all about getting out and enjoying yourself, rather than getting fitter,” Craig said.

“The alloy, rust-resistant frames have touchdown geometry, with the pedals out in front, to provide a laid-back, comfortable ride.”

With its ‘Easy Ridin’, Beach Vibin’ motto, Tuesday is going head-to-head with Electra to capture the beachgoer, skater, tourist markets. That includes a collaboration with the surf brand Volcom, with Tuesday releasing a special Volcom-branded version of its Cruiser models.

“They’re fun and cheerful, with six vibrant colours for each model,” he added.

“They’re really popular with female riders looking for a comfortable ride and something that is a bit stylish. The 7 March is our biggest seller.”

Tuesday Bicycles are distributed by Oceania Cycle Sports in Australia
Tuesday Cycles cruisers are bright, cheerful and popular with people looking for comfortable and stylish bikes.


Oceania’s P&A range includes long-standing UK company Clarks Cycle Systems and New York-based Mission BMX.

Rather than embarking on extensive and costly marketing campaigns, both companies focus on delivering high-quality products with excellent value for money.

Clarks has been in business for 60 years and offers an extensive range of workshop items, including cables, disc brakes, brake pads, grips and tape.

“Their reliability offers headache-free options for workshops,” according to Craig.

Similarly, Mission’s motto is ‘ride up the ranks’, with quality and affordable parts.

“They offer BMX parts that any rider can afford,” Craig said.

You can talk to Craig about the benefits of becoming a dealer with Oceania Cycle Sports, by calling 03 8765 9977 or visiting the Oceania Cycle Sport website.

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