Minoura – 80 Years of Craftsmanship

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Minoura has been producing rollers since the 1940s and to this day, they’re manufactured in Japan. They’re proud of their heritage and the quality that handmade Japanese manufacturing brings.

Aside from striving for market leading quality and precision, they’re also known for innovation, having pioneered magnetic resistance trainers in 1988. The classic MagTurbo trainer remains a staple of their range but their rollers currently shine, with the broadest range of models and options.

Traditional three-roller models start from $299 (RRP) for the MoZ, which features 80mm diameter alloy rollers, a foldable frame and a raised mid-frame that makes it easier to get started. Each roller contains noise damping material for a quiet ride and the whole thing weighs just 6.2kg.

Moving up to the $399 LiveRoll R500 nets you larger 105mm alloy rollers for a smoother ride and a more controlled roll. While it’s still light and foldable, it lacks the raised frame and foot-stand.

With large diameter alloy rollers and a highly adjustable quick release frame, the LiveRoll 720 is a high-end offering for the discerning roller-user.

At $649 the LiveRoll R720 incorporates large diameter rollers with a raised foot-stand and also has a more rigid sliding frame that offers stepless quick release adjustment—it even has front bump stops to prevent the wheel rolling off the sides.

From there you go to the range-topping LiveRoll 800 Pro at $999. As the name suggests, this is a professional level trainer; its 21kg weight affords the unit extra stability for high-cadence sprints and the frame is built with both adjustability and durability in mind.

Retailing for $299, the MoZ Rollers deliver Minoura quality at a more affordable price-point.

Minoura now offers ‘hybrid rollers’ too; with the fork fixed in place, they’re easier to ride than traditional rollers while still offering the easy spin and subtle side-to-side movement that makes rollers so popular.

Minoura hybrid rollers start from $649. Of course the classic MagTurbo trainer still features in the Minoura range, with the Magride B60R. Offering quiet and variable magnetic resistance, it’s available both with and without remote for $349 and $299 respectively.

The Magride B60R is a classic MagTurbo that’s offered both with and without a handlebar remote.

To learn more about these handmade Japanese rollers and trainers, get in touch with Bike Sportz on (03) 9586 1600 or email sales@bikesportz.com.au. You can also check out their dealer B2B site: www.b2b.bikesportz.com.au/B2B.

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