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There’s no denying that covid has changed the retail landscape, with supply chain issues impacting on your capacity to secure reliable and consistent sales. To prosper now requires thinking outside of the box and exploring new markets. With roads getting busier, the popularity of indoor cycling has grown and not all indoor cyclists are drawn from a traditional road cycling background.

Made from recycled fishing nets and ocean waste, the Oceanix is a win for the environment. It incorporates all the high-end Body Bike SMART+ features, with full connectivity with third-party apps, built-in power measurement and the ability to charge mobile devices while you ride.

Many are more familiar with riding in a gym and gain motivation in a group fitness setting. It’s a huge and growing market and one where Body Bike stands at the top of their game.

Designed and manufactured in Scandinavia, Body Bike is a premium brand that supplies many gyms, they hold a close relationship with the Les Mills fitness group and they are 100% focussed on indoor cycling. Their distinctive indoor cycles are built to handle the demands of day-in day-out use in a fitness centre, so customers can buy with confidence, knowing they’re built to take anything they can throw at them.

Body Bike has developed their own app with easy to read colour coding for different power zones. It provides built-in tests to determine VO2 max and FTP as well as the ability to upload rides to Strava if desired.

All Body Bike models feature a fully enclosed design. The side covers serve to protect the inner components from corrosive sweat while also improving safety, keeping children, pets and stray limbs clear of any moving parts. This design also makes the Body Bike aesthetically pleasing, with options to mix-and-match the colours by changing panels—it’s a piece that can look good as a permanent fixture inside a home.

With its unique styling, the Body Bike can form a talking point in any modern home.

Everything about the Body Bike has been designed from the ground up for indoor use, with parts manufactured from stainless steel, aluminium, cast iron and plastic composites. High quality bearings and a Kevlar resistance pad and belt driven drivetrain provide a smooth ride-experience, while the narrow Q-factor cranks deliver a natural pedalling feel. Each model has easy-adjust contact points, so anyone in the house can take advantage of the Body Bike for a workout.

Models range in price from $2,499 for the Element through to $3,799 for their SMART+ and Oceanix models. While all feature robust high-quality construction, the more advanced models incorporate high-tech features such as ANT+ and BLE connectivity to work with a wide range of apps and training systems.

Their SMART+ models offer built-in power measurement and even produce their own power; each pedal stroke generates the power required for data transfer and the Body Bike will even charge your mobile device as you exercise! To explore the benefits of branching out into indoor fitness, get in touch with Body-Bike Australia on 1300 84 84 55 or visit

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