Product Briefs: Bastille, Floya, Ride Kola, Bo, BluBrake

French manufacturer Bastille has released what it’s calling the first foldable bike to have large wheels and no compromise in handling.

Bastille says the design had two motivations: an observation that many people are reluctant to cycle commute because they fear having their bike stolen, so they don’t want to leave it parked in a public space, and a desire to create a folding bike that has the riding properties of an excellent urban bike.

It says the folding process had to be reimagined to create a 27.5-inch-wheel bike that can fully fold down in five to 10 seconds.

Folded bicycle in home
The Bastille fully folded. Photo credit: Bastille.

All-In-One Brussel MaaS App

Brussels transport services have launched an app that consolidates all local mobility services in the city and presents them as a unified ecosystem regardless of the economic interests of individual branches.

The Floya app seamlessly integrates Mobility as a Service (MaaS) by aggregating all public and private transportation options into one user-friendly platform, enhancing flexibility and encouraging resident and visitors to shift away from personal vehicles in favour of the diverse range of transportation choices.

The digital tool is a collaborative effort between local public transit operator STIB-MIVB and Brussels Mobility and enables users to plan, book, and pay for trips on the metro, trams, buses and trains, as well as shared scooter, bicycle and car services.

Bicycle product shot
A partnership between e-bike subscription service Ride Kola and Hilton’s Double Tree chain is giving guests the chase to explore Melbourne on classic-style recycled e-bikes. Photo credit: Adam Renyard.

Ride Kola Partners with Hilton

Guests at Melbourne’s Double Tree by Hilton hotel have enjoyed a taste of Europe for their journeys into the city, through a collaboration with recently established e-bike subscription service Ride Kola.

The Melbourne-based start-up is providing its recycled e-bikes to the high-end hotel throughout spring and has attracted rising patronage levels.

Double Tree is reporting the bikes have been particularly popular with European travellers, who are more accustomed to e-bikes as a mode of transport and are more familiar with the classic-style Gazelle bikes, which began their lives as analogue bicycles in the Netherlands and have been retrofitted with electric hub motors.

Person riding e-scooter
The Bo M scooter is going into production. Photo credit: Bo.

Is this the world’s most sophisticated urban micromobility vehicle?

UK company Bo last month announced it is beginning production of what it claims is the world’s most sophisticated urban micromobility vehicle, its Bo M e-scooter.

After 24 months of development and engineering refinement, the Bo M enters production with an aluminium Monocurve chassis, ‘Safesteer’ dynamic steering stabilisation, an increase in peak power output from 1000W to a category-leading 1200W, and 800-lumen headlights.

Bo was founded by two engineers, formerly with Williams F1 Advanced Engineering and Jaguar Land Rover.

The Bo M will retail in the UK for £2,249 (A$4,328).

Bosch Accused of Anti-Competition Measures

ABS brake system supplier Blubrake has been busy in its efforts to build its place in the market in recent weeks, including filing a complaint against Bosch for alleged anti-competition measures.

The Italian company filed the complaint with Italy’s Competition and Market Authority (AGCM), accusing Robert Bosch GmbH of abusing its dominant position in the European market for e-bike drive systems.

Blubrake claims Bosch is acting unfairly in not allowing full integration of its drive system on e-bikes fitted with Blubrake ABS, impeding its position in the market.

It says Bosch ignored repeated Blubrake requests for access to information about port changes to the Bosch system reportedly introduced largely to help connect third-party components.

Shimano last year confirmed it would be incorporating Blubrake ABS technology into its braking system.

As the AGMC investigation got underway, Blubrake also confirmed it was teaming with Belgian urban bike logistics company Urbike to test the Blubrake ABS technology in a fleet of cargo bikes.

The e-cargo bikes were deployed in real-world delivery operations in Brussels, simulating the diverse and unpredictable conditions electric cargo bikes encounter daily.

The pilot found the system consistently engaged every 2.4km, showcasing its proactive nature in avoiding dangerous situations during emergency stops or slippery road conditions.

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