Xplova Noza S Smart Trainer Now Available in Australia

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Xplova specialises in the design and production of high-end cycling computers and more recently, smart trainers.

Xplova aims to bring advanced technology coupled with unparalleled user experiences to the global cycling community. The word Xplova is the combination of the English word of ‘explore’ and the Spanish word ‘va’, which stands means ‘to explore and to move forward’. Xplova was founded upon the spirit of continuing to challenge oneself and to aspire.

Xplova joined IT giant Acer Inc in 2015. Acer is known worldwide for its computer hardware, particularly its laptops. The technology that goes into the design of Xplova’s products has advanced rapidly ever since joining forces with Acer, from indoor to outdoor, including run and ride.

Xplova Smart Trainers

Xplova’s products are now distributed all over the world, including in Australia by General Accessories They combine functional design, intuitive software, a complete cartographic package, and a portal for managing and sharing data within the community.

Xplova’s interactive smart trainer’s key features are smooth, stable, and silent.

You can see more information and technical specifications at https://www.xplova.com/gb/product/nozaS

Covid restrictions have accelerated already rapid growth in demand for indoor trainers in particular and Xplova’s Noza S Interactive Smart Trainer has been perfectly placed to help meet this demand.

It’s compatible with most popular virtual riding software systems including Zwift, and excels in the key requirements of indoor trainers: smooth, stable and silent. The Nova S can handle a maximum power output of 2,500 watts, far above most riders’ capacity in the hardest of sprints. It accommodates a maximum simulated incline of 18% and is compatible with most road and mountain bikes, with a through axle adapter option.


There is also a free Xplova workout app downloadable in Apple and Android formats.

Xplova offers great margins for retailers with a wholesale price of $770.00 plus GST plus freight and a recommended retail price of $1,399.

For more information visit https://www.genacs.com.au/xplova-noza-s-smart-trainer-powered-by-acer or phone 1300 GENACS (1300 436 227)

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