ACT Government Legalises e-Scooters

Although they are in widespread use e-scooters are not actually legal in some Australian states.

But just before Christmas, the Australian Capital Territory became the latest jurisdiction to legalise them.

“Many ACT residents are keen to take advantage of e-scooters and similar e-mobility devices. I’m pleased to announce that these devices will be legal for personal use from 20th December 2019,” said ACT Minister for Justice, Consumer Affairs and Road Safety, Shane Rattenbury.

Minister Rattenbury said the key changes are:

  • Electric scooters, skateboards etc will be legal to use on shared paths and footpaths.
  • They will not be permitted on roads or on-road bicycle lanes (except on residential streets where there is no footpath);
  • They will be subject to a maximum speed of 15km/h on footpaths and up to 25km/h in all other permitted locations;
  • Users must give way to pedestrians and keep to the left.

To find out about the new rules and which devices are eligible visit

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