Cardboard Cut-out Pump Tracks!

A mountain biker based in Turin, Italy has invented a unique solution for quickly, cheaply and easily installing a pump track.

Davide Reina’s goal was to come up with a modular system that was easy for home installation for those with gardens generous enough to accommodate such things, but it could likewise have larger implications for budget-strapped councils looking to install a track, or even shops looking to build grassroots cycling locally.

First dirt going in.

Dubbed ‘Easy Pump Track’, the sustainable and biodegradable solution relies on a thick cardboard that tips the scales at 900 grams per square metre, making it transportable. The sheets are delivered to the customer in a template format that can be home assembled. Each segment is delivered as a 120 x 80cm sheet, with assembly instructions. Once the framework is put up, the customer is then able to choose how to fill the void based on their circumstances. Clay or dirt is recommended.

The cardboard cut outs are designed in three modules. Green for banked turns, red for transitions, blue for jumps.

In his locality, Reina is now offering a full design, consultancy and installation service, including sourcing and shaping dirt for customers.

Pump tracks can be an easy win for local authorities looking to engage both youth and adults in cycling, as well as develop the skill sets of riders at a young age.

The product launched this summer in Italy and is not yet internationally available.

This article was first published in Cycling Industry News (UK)

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