Cycling Trade Media Veteran Passes Away

Although he had been retired for many years, there are still a large number of bicycle industry members who would remember David Priestley who passed away recently.

David published, what is to our knowledge, the first ever Australian bicycle trade publication, Bicycle Industry News.

Prior to that he was also the editor of the consumer magazine, Australasian Cycling and Triathlon News.

David had a background in journalism with mainstream daily newspapers and brought that lively daily paper style into cycling media.

After his time in bicycle media, he had a late career driving trams in Melbourne before retiring to Bright in Victoria’s high country then later moving back to Melbourne to be closer to family in his final years.

He is survived by three daughters and several grand-children.


  1. Ray English on 25th June 2021 at 8:39 am

    David Priestley.. gave me the opportunity to be an occasional Cycling journo

    Thanks David may you Ride In Peace

    Ray English

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