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Influencers! Launching 1st August with Osher Günsberg


On Sunday 1st August we’re launching a brand new YouTube Channel and interview series called influencers! 

Through influencers! we’ll be interviewing a wide range of people, both face-to face and via video link, throughout Australia and around the world. 

Everyone that we speak to in influencers! is making a difference in some aspect of cycling or micromobility. Some will be unsung heroes and others will be people that you might already know. 

Through this series, we hope you’ll see how diverse these worlds are and how many different aspects are important. We know that these interviews are longer than most that you’ll see in today’s frenetic social media landscape. But our goal is to give these influencers the uninterrupted time and space they need to give justice to their amazing life stories. 

Series one will kick off with Osher Günsberg, best known as a TV presenter, but also a long time cyclist and proactive participant in cycling organisations. 

Osher Gunberg Influencers interview

We’ve already recorded a further four interviews and will be releasing a new episode on the 1st day of each month. 

Watch the influencers! trailer video below and subscribe to the series at the Micromobility Report.


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