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44 years have passed since the sport of BMX first reached Aussie shores. This is exactly the same timeframe BMX International (BMXI) has been in business, still 100% Australian owned and run by the same family.  Their passion has not waned over that time.  This company feature will help you understand why BMXI has been such a success story over that long duration.

Diversification and change are two words that come to mind that measure their success.  Although their roots are cemented in BMX, there is more to BMXI than just that.  Over the years, many different suppliers have approached the company to represent and distribute their brands, but only those which fitted the BMXI business plan were taken on.

BMX is a changing business and is heavily based on new improved products.  It is a fashion industry which is why it is an important addition to many bike shop turnovers.  BMX bikes are made to thrash and because of this, it creates a market for sales of parts to repair or replace broken items.  Sometimes it is just a product upgrade the customer wants, but most times it is a needed part.

BMXI has always carried deep backup stock of parts and accessories.
BMX International Tyres
Tyres have always been ‘bread and butter’ sales for dealers and BMX International carries a full range.

To help the bike shops out, BMXI has invested in a range of products to suit almost every need in the sport.  It all starts with their home brand products, Blackeye Bikes and DRS parts.  These are both entry-level products that are big turnover items with good margins for the bicycle dealers.

Blackeye bikes get kids on their first bike at an affordable price.  They are just that, an entry-level bike, however, BMXI insisted they have a point of difference to other entry-level bikes.  Most Blackeye bikes have sealed bearing rear cassette hubs, sealed bearing bottom bracket (BB) sets and chromoly tubular three-piece cranks, so the drive train is solid and reliable – this is where many shops would normally have warranty trouble with customers.  Price and aesthetics are the keys to getting the customers’ interest and upgraded parts help shops retain customer confidence in their product.

BMXI’s DRS brand offers a range of aftermarket parts at affordable pricing.  This gives bicycle dealers a way to retain much higher margins and still sell a quality product.  DRS products are purchased from the same suppliers as the brand name parts, so quality is assured.  DRS BMX helmets are the highest selling BMX helmets in Australia and are a staple product in most shops that sell BMX.  Great margins and continuity of supply are key factors of this product line.

BMX International stock DRS brand bike helmets
DRS Helmets – available in 12 colour ways.

The sport of BMX has two main disciplines, Race and Freestyle.  BMX Race has now been an event at four Olympic Games and consists of lightweight race bikes made of alloy or carbon fiber, much like their adult equivalents.  Freestyle bikes are generally Chromoly steel for strength and durability and make up the majority of Bike shop sales in BMX. As of 2021, Freestyle is also now an Olympic sport.

BMXI has two main race brands, Redline and Radio Raceline.  Redline was there at the start with BMXI, 44 years ago and is still an important part of the sport.  BMXI dealers have had great success with this brand and BMXI have grand plans for Redline in the future with retro and adult bikes to complement their BMX race range.

Radio Raceline are the newer kid on the block and boast many future world champions racing their bikes.  It is only a matter of time until this brand is the sales leader in BMX Race.  If you are a shop wanting to invest in the sport of BMX Race, look no further as BMXI have all price points covered in a wide range of bikes and parts under Radio Raceline.

No doubt, the largest part of BMX sales is the Freestyle category.  With robust bikes ranging from $399 RRP and going beyond $2,000, BMXI has every price point covered.  The acquisition of key BMX brands is what makes BMXI the market leader in BMX.  All the top brands are covered under their roof and while many BMX brands ebb and flow in popularity, BMXI has stayed loyal to the rock-solid suppliers that produce the best BMX has to offer year after year.

Complete bike brands such as Wethepeople, Sunday, FIT and Radio offer the ultimate in BMX technology through their complete bikes.  All these brands give the bicycle dealer the kudos and respect that comes from the highest level in the industry.  BMXI stands by all these brands with a backup unseen from any other BMX distributor in Australia.

The Fairdale brand is also back at BMXI now.  After a solid refurbish of their direction, Fairdale in the USA now have a range of adult bikes that fills a niche in the market that you won’t find elsewhere.  Along with the Radio DJ series and adult bike range, this is the diversification BMXI have taken to ensure they help bicycle stores keep a range of unique bikes available for a wider market.

More than just BMX! Did you know that BMX International also imports scooters?

Apart from Bikes, BMXI have a range of other product to suit any shop including scooters and unicycles.  Very Christmas focused, this is a great addition to a bike shop to be able to offer something for everyone.  BMXI also carry a large range of CST Tyres and Tubes to cater for 12” right up to 29” sizes.  CST are the best value for money rubber products available.

Over the years, BMXI has supported and sponsored many up-and-coming BMX riders and events.  They are now proud to be sponsoring Australia’s first-ever Olympic BMX Freestyle Riders, Logan Martin and Natalya Diehm on their Hyper brand.  Logan Martin is a multiple World Champion in BMX Freestyle and has just made history winning the first gold medal in BMX Freestyle at the Tokyo Olympics. This is a very proud moment in their 43-year history after also supporting Olympic Silver Medalist, Sam Willoughby for two Olympic Games.  BMXI is committed to putting back into the sport to help the next generation.

BMX International sponsors BMX rider, Logan Martin
Logan Martin has just become the first ever Olympic gold medalist in BMX Freestyle. Congratulations Logan!
BMX International Sponsored Riders
BMX International sponsors a huge range of athletes, from the elite…
Team Radio sponsored by BMX International
… to the up and coming.

BMXI is a company devoted to helping bicycle dealers.  It has old school values with current products and believes a wholesaler should be just that, a link between the manufacturer/supplier and the end-user, through a dealer network.  The supplier creates the product, BMXI invests, promotes and warehouses the product so the bicycle dealer can purchase the product and profit from the sale of the item.  BMXI do not believe in dealers tying up all their cash flow and holding excess stock.  That is the job of the wholesaler!

BMX International's supply of helmets and bikes
Despite a challenging global supply chain, BMXI’s warehouse is once again well stocked with complete bikes (foreground) and helmets (rear).

You can contact BMXI on (07) 3865 2966 to find out about any product they carry or go to for a look at their product range.

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