Specialized Ready For Active Promotion at Micromobility Conference and Expo

Sydney, NSW

Specialized’s large-scale expansion into the urban bike market will be on full display when Sydney’s Randwick Racecourse hosts the inaugural Micromobility Conference and Expo on 25th and 26th November.

The company has confirmed it will be exhibiting at the expo, with a particular emphasis on its commuter bikes and e-bike models.

Specialized Product & Brand Marketing Manager Tim Webster said the company saw the Micromobility Conference and Expo as a great opportunity to talk to riders and industry representatives who might not have viewed Specialized as an important player in the urban market.

Tim said it would be keen to show how the design, technology and philosophies that had made Specialized a leader in road and mountain bikes were being transferred into what it called its Active range, including a growing range of e-bikes.

“The same amount of design and technology that goes into our premium bikes is invested into our Active bikes. Even the wind tunnel work that goes into our premium road bikes and mountain bikes is applied to the Active range,” he explained.

“It’s looking at how we can support those riders in the best way possible, in terms of their objectives, whether it’s commuting to work, going to the shopping centre – it’s making riding as accessible as possible for whatever they are doing.

“This is a chance to show Specialized is more than road and mountain. We have a huge active space and that’s where we see the biggest growth in the market in the next couple of years.

“We see the e-bike is the future to provide accessible transport for everyone, in every walk of life. It fits perfectly with Specialized philosophy and commitment to ‘pedalling the planet forward through sustainable and reliable transportation’.

“Our Active e-bikes are design to increase manoeuvrability and ease of use, in an effort to convince people they don’t need a second car.”

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